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If you’re a sophomore or a junior, you’re probably already in the process of looking for a place to live next year. The current state of apartment hunting in Providence is reminiscent of the recruiting cycle — it happens earlier and earlier every year, and chances are that all of …

As a practicing physician, Francois Luks, professor of surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology at the Alpert Medical School, regularly used drawings to illustrate complicated medical concepts to his patients.

Sometimes classroom behavior problems signal giftedness. Brad and Karen were at their wits end. Their grade school children once again came home with stern disciplinary notes from their teachers, notes riddled with complaints of inattention, acting out, back-talk, bossiness, and an inability to...

We’re no longer being attacked by black flies or mosquitoes, but unfortunately, not all pests are ready to say goodbye quite yet.

Knockout cushion cut sapphire from Sri Lanka, approximately 6.20 carats, flanked by two sparkling shield shaped diamonds in an 18K yellow gold and platinum mounting. All stones are GIA-certified in this heirloom-quality, truly special piece.

Some signs that your child may benefit from a psychoeducational assessment include a progressively worsening attitude toward school, persistently disruptive behaviour in class, and/or a failure to learn basic intellectual, social, or behavioural skills (as appropriate for his age group).

We thank you for your interest and enthusiasm in volunteering to support High School Quiz Show: Rhode Island. We are looking for volunteers who are friendly, attentive, comfortable organizing large groups, and speaking publicly in front of large groups. Having professional experience in academics is an added bonus but is not a requirement to volunteer. Additional qualifications may be needed for specific roles
For the best…

For too long our Representatives and Senators have cared more about the powerful special interests who call the shots in Washington than people like you and me. It’s time to change that.

PROVIDENCE — Republican gubernatorial candidate Allan Fung on Tuesday used the deaths of 19 children in state care over two years as examples of

Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen have written a book that offers a sensible approach to anyone who wants to enjoy a more meaningful life . Their book examines the ideal response to give to any type of constructive criticism. The book’s primary message concerns the recommended thinking for the recipient of such criticism. According to Stone and Heen, that recipient ought to focus on thinking positively…

Government can and must be accountable to the people, but that can only happen when we all make the commitment to vote. How about you? Will you make the commitment to be a voter this year?

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Right time, right place: A detective working a construction detail on Monday arrested a man wanted in a hold-up at a gas station last

During the past decade, California’s education system has undergone major reforms that have resulted in improvements, but the system is still in need of capacity building.

he film “Crazy Rich Asians” has sparked discussions since its release. In efforts to create a space for open dialogue on how the film impacts and portrays both Asian American and wider Asian communities, student groups held a panel and critical discussion forum last Thursday in List Auditorium.

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The US president says he can now "go after Horseface" after a judge threw out one of her lawsuits.

Simply put, spinal stenosis describes a narrowing at the openings of the spine. When spinal stenosis exists in the cervical spine, it’s called cervical spinal stenosis (CSS). This condition is usually the result of wear-and-tear

FALL RIVER, Mass. (AP) — An embattled Massachusetts mayor charged with defrauding investors in a company he formed before his election said Tuesday

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The disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi and calls for a tough U.S. response put the president in a hot spot

To earn the consideration of their audiences, modern marketers must use holistic campaigns that rely on diverse means to reach potential customers. For many industries, direct mail remains an excellent opportunity, and it’s staging a comeback.

Dimeo has enjoyed great success for over 40 years in the city of Boston constructing high profile residential assignments in tight downtown settings, including projects such as Hub 25, Avenir, 860 Harrison Avenue, Jackson Gardens and Lincoln Way, Maverick Gardens and Davenport Commons.

Changing our food system might be the key not only to feeding the planet, but also ensuring people and nature thrive

WASHINGTON, Oct. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- A new PRRI/The Atlantic survey on civic engagement finds stark gaps within different age groups' attitudes toward the ...

German law enforcement authorities added another chapter to Volkswagen's diesel scandal Tuesday by fining the company's luxury division Audi 800 million euros ($925 million) for selling cars rigged to cheat on emissions tests. Prosecutors in Munich said Tuesday that the fine was imposed...

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The building that once housed the Coffee King, a popular coffee and sandwich shop that closed several years ago,