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Authorities in Philadelphia say one person has been killed and at least seven others have been shot during a graduation party

Authorities say Bay Area man threatened to commit a mass shooting at a synagogue

With research showing that an overwhelming majority of veterans and active-service members embrace a religious faith, the Providence VA Medical Center on

The unadulterated, unfortunate truth is that a permanent solution for storage of deadly, highly radioactive nuclear waste does not exist.

The trendiest, over-the-top pet rooms aren’t necessarily for your pet — they’re for you. But, giving your furry friends a little extra love is never a bad idea — and your pets won’t mind the extra attention. Here are four ways to give your home some pet-friendly upgrades (without sacrificing your human space). Here are...

You don't need to spend a lot on cleaning supplies to get the job done. Here are some everyday cleaning tools that serve double duty from the pros at Consumer Reports.

Three decades after the inception of X, one thing is clear: X was not only one of the most influential bands to crash out of the punk movement of the late ‘70s, but the band’s music continues to be sonically groundbreaking today. Songs written during the group’s inception are as relevant and inventive today as they were in 1977.

The fact is, no one sounds like X and no one ever will
It’s not surprising when you consider the group’s unique…

PROVIDENCE — Sun and warmth will be in abundance Saturday in Rhode Island, according to the National Weather Service forecast.
An approaching cold

Happy Saturday! Here’s another edition of my weekend column for – as always, send your takes, tips and trial balloons to and follow @tednesi on Twitter. 1. A few…

A link between undocumented immigrants and America’s dairy farms?Not a connection you might automatically make. And then you read Julie C.

The GOP senator faces intense backlash from state Democrats and abortion rights activists over her vote for Brett Kavanaugh.

PROVIDENCE — A Warwick man on Friday pleaded no contest to involuntary manslaughter in the death of his infant daughter.Ryan Beeley, 40,

I was headed down the driveway of the President’s House at the Community College of Rhode Island on a recent afternoon and was surprised to see a

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Providence, RI: WaterFire Providence announces the details for the full lighting on Saturday, June 22, 2019. The full lighting is sponsored in part by Cox Business. Sunset is at 8:24 pm. The fires...

The hospital staff was insistent, but Brenda Bennett-Johnson could not be sure. It was May 13 and Bennett-Johnson and her sister Rosie Brooks were