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Aretha Franklin, who died Thursday at age 76, was more than the undisputed "Queen of Soul." She was one of the most important musicians of our

The most memorable campaign event I attended in 2016 was a rally for John Kasich in Rhode Island. The participants seemed the cream of the middle class

Don McGahn has given hours of testimony to the special counsel investigating Russian election meddling.

Ava is a spunky girl. She's just over a year old, so she still has lots of puppy play in her!She is a Lab mix with a lovely black coat accented by silver

Grant writing, fund development, and board capacity. These are topics of workshops being offered this fall by our Initiative for Nonprofit Excellence. Each of the free, two-hour sessions is open to nonprofit board and staff members and is intended to provide participants with skills to help them achieve their organizations' missions.

President Donald Trump plans next week to unveil a proposal that would empower states to establish emission standards for coal-fired power plants rather

The Pawtucket Red Sox began here in the spring of 1970 as a Double-A team, back when the Vietnam War seemingly had cut the country in half, back when an

The high-ranking state lawyer who was suspended from his post at the Executive Office of Health and Human Services amid revelations that he lacked a

Baseball in the Dominican Republic has often been seen as a path to financial security in a country where the Borgen Project — a Seattle-based

In Providence’s 15 wards, 36 candidates are running for City Council. This is the first installment of a five-part series summarizing the council

A Lincoln woman who had once lost her hair during chemotherapy celebrated her five-year anniversary of being cancer-free by having her head shaved as part

Animal rights advocates protested what they called the exploitation of cows, pigs, horses and rabbits for money, and the folks who care, train and show

The concept of nonconscious processing is not exactly new, Sigmund Freud introduced his model of the human mind in the essay “The unconscious” published in 1915. Yet, Freud’s view was that the principal purpose of unconscious and subconscious layers is storing the information rather than information acquisition and processing. Apparently, Freud underestimated nonconscious mind. According to a large body of psychological and neuropsychological research conducted in…

Unwanted thoughts can lead to anxiety and depression. At this stage, your only help will be a psychotherapy treatment by a psychologist or psychiatrist.

At a time when a US nuclear agreement with Iran remains the subject of sharp debate, a two-year-old law calling for Rhode Island to divest from companies

Remember Rhode Island’s disastrous deal with former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling? The state invested $75 million of taxpayer dollars in Schilling’s video

If you are searching for the meaning in your life , it can help to study the sunlight reflected in a mirror. Of course, a mirror does not really produce the sun’s rays; it simply reflects them. In the same way, a virtuous and goodly person has the ability to reflect the spiritual qualities that he or she has developed by relating to and sharing with others. In fact, those who strive to achieve that particular goal have managed to discover the meaning…

By KELLSIE KING A local teen is on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout. Devin Corbin, 17, of Warwick, recently completed a project that will help benefit American Legion, William Shields Post 43 in Conimicut. The project is a new flag retirement pit for

Apply for Assistant Clinical Manager position at Pediatric Associates in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida on jobs.pediatricassociates.com/

There is a new vaccine for humans in the pipeline developed by a French company, which says it has received fast-track status from the FDA.