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Utah Department of Health employees explain what the Utah All Payer Claim Database is.

ElliAnna, Age 18, secondary biliary cirrhosis “I wish to have a shopping spree” 18-year-old ElliAnna loves video games and band t-shirts, and she is also obsessed with make-up and YouTube beauty tutorials. Unlike other high school students, ElliAnna was born with a cyst; after undergoing reconstructive surgery, she developed several problems with her liver. Eventually, ElliAnna’s doctors diagnosed her with secondary biliary cirrhosis of the liver…

Maternal and Infant Health Program
This Utah Department of Health web site is designed for informational and educational purposes only. The Maternal and Infant Health Program does not see patients and is unable to diagnose your illness, provide treatment, prescribe medication, or refer you to specialists. If you need medical treatment, please see your health care provider.

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May 23, 2017
It’s with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to an industry leader, man of faith and beloved husband, father and grandfather. James Cutler Clark passed away in his sleep at the age of 88. James was a great Utah Motor Transportation Association officer with a storied history of trucking, Army service and varied interests in his lifetime. Additional details and service times can be found on his obituary here .

Updates were made recently to the SGID10.Transportation.Roads feature class that resides on the Utah SGID ArcSDE database server.

A blog about Utah Economy and Labor Market by the Utah Department of Workforce Services. Beaver, Iron, Garfield, Washington and Kane counties.

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The worlds of data and analytics are changing... again. Gartner says that we have entered the "Algorithmic Economy". An economy driven from improvements down to the smallest products and all the way up to macro-economic trends that are disrupting industries (I know, sorry about the overused word). Salaries are surging. Opportunities are trickling to flowing everywhere
Yet, there is fear about where…

All Spring 2017 broadband coverage and speed updates submitted to the Center’s mapping team have been updated in the residential and commercial broadband map webapps. Thank you to everybody who participated, the success of these maps is dependent on broadband providers sharing updates on the services that they provide — services that consistently put Utah …

A blog about Utah Economy and Labor Market by the Utah Department of Workforce Services. Beaver, Iron, Garfield, Washington and Kane counties.

This visual provides an overview of the education level of Utah’s population. Additional tabs above the visual allow for analysis of attainment by age, gender, veteran status, labor force status and earnings. Data come from the American Community Survey and are updated annually.

The Utah Health Data Committee is pleased to present the 2015 Consumer Satisfaction Report of Utah Health Plans. This report describes how satisfied health plan members are with the care provided to their adult members. These data come from an annual survey entitled the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) surveys. The purpose of the report is to give consumers and purchasers information they…

Updates were made recently to the SGID10.Transportation.Roads feature class that resides on the Utah SGID ArcSDE database server.

Recently AGRC made some changes to the services available from our cloud server Discover (discover.agrc.utah.gov).To see these new enhancements you may need ...

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We have finished the updates for the Utah State Tax Entities and Areas for 2016!The new new data is available online from the Sales Tax Areas and Tax Entitie...

Veterans Memorials – Utah’s Veterans Memorial locations. Shapefile (GIS) Google Earth File (KMZ) National Historic Landmarks – Location National Historic Landmarks in Utah. Shapefile (GIS) Google Earth File (KMZ) Daughters of Utah Pioneers – Location of satellite museums (museum, log cabin, artifact collection, or building) Shapefile (GIS) Google Earth File (KMZ) Ghost Towns of Utah – Location of ghost towns in Utah from our …

PacLease is perfect for many businesses that need to get their business running on all cylinders. In this article Idaho Springs Water shows how it's done.

This story map was created with the Story Map Journal application in ArcGIS Online.

Local and special service districts are an important user constituency for broadband services. In addition to broadband use at district headquarters, many are also dependent on broadband for field and infrastructure operations. Open the property tax statement the county sends to property owners each summer and you’re presented with a list of local government entities, specific …

“Love … is the honoring of others in a way that grants them the grace of their own autonomy and allows mutual discovery.”

Utah’s long-term industry projections provide a major input to the production of the state’s long-term occupational projections. Industry projections reflect employment at businesses where people work. Figures cover a 10-year period and are updated every two years. They are produced for the state and nine geographical projection areas. These projections are not intended for official planning purposes. (See footnote).

A map viewer depicting vehicle collisions in the state of Utah.

People Receiving Ongoing and Waiting List Services
This tool shows counts of people receiving ongoing services as well as limited one-time services while they wait for funding for ongoing services. It also gives a historical look at the number of people waiting for ongoing services each year, for the past five years. The buttons on the right allow for filtering of different populations within the Division.

Industry Labor Force Profile
This industry specific labor force data visualization combines population, wage and labor market data from the Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics. The primary source is the Census Bureau Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI) which provides local labor market statistics by industry, worker demographics, employer age and size. This allows for industry specific analysis of worker characteristics at the county level.

Best-selling author Steven Kotler discusses hypofrontality -- literally the slowing of the brain's prefrontal cortex -- and how it allows one to enter an optimal state of consciousness, known as flow. As Kotler explains, flow refers to those moments of total absorption when we get so focused on the task at hand that everything else disappears

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