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PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) - President Donald Trump is back in his comfort zone at the "winter White House": Mar-a-Lago, where women in furs and men in diamond jewelry and monogrammed slippers mingle with Sylvester Stallone and Fabio at New Year's Eve celebrations and Don King rubs elbows with Cabinet members, could-be ambassadors and the "MyPillow" guy at dinner.

It looks like Ariana Grande's "thank u, next" music video will pay tribute to movies like 'Legally Blonde,' 'Mean Girls,' '13 Going On 30' & More

New documents were released Tuesday from Clark County investigators related to the deaths of a Washington family whose disappearance gripped the country this spring.

More than a year after Lila Streeter was found dead in a the bedroom of a Southeast Portland residence, her husband admitted kidnapping and killing her.

Even if the stakes are only for bragging rights, that's significant enough in the Civil War.

The shooting was reported a little after 1:50 p.m. in the 1100 block of Northeast Grant Street and the man died in the home, according to Hillsboro police.

"The new doorman uniform is getting a great face lift, a brand new start, and we're excited to reveal that today," said Daryn White, the general manager of the Heathman Hotel.

Hillsboro police are investigating a young man's death in Hillsboro Tuesday afternoon.

Half an inch to 1 inch of rain could fall in the Willamette Valley and Portland area through Saturday, and an inch to 2 inches of rain on the coast. Thanksgiving could also see wind gusts as powerful as 50 to 55 mph on the coast.

Officers found eight weapons in his vehicle including an AR-15 that he had modified to be fully automatic.

It took rescue crews nearly three hours to get six people out of an elevator in Chicago's fourth-tallest building.

The step is a milestone in a months-long negotiation between Trump's attorneys and special counsel Robert Mueller's team over whether and when the president would sit for an interview.

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The fact that Emily Heller has made a novelty card for all her fans at live show that lets potential thieves of fans’ wallets know to, well, not steal said fans’ wallets, is just one example of how much care and cleverness Emily puts into her comedy. This is explained on this new album and indeed 100% true as an Emily Heller fan from Indiana showed the card to us
Pasta, the new hour from Heller, is the same great Emily complete with…