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During the current Federal Government shutdown, United Way is deeply concerned about the communities and federal employees who are impacted by certain services, programs and pay being either reduced or paused during this time.
Community members and Federal Government employees affected by the shutdown can use the following resources to learn more about ways to access immediate assistance: Call 2-1-1

The United States Supreme Court voted 5-4 Tuesday to revive the Trump administration’s discriminatory ban on transgender people serving in the military—and that’s just the latest in a long string of negative headlines for LGBTQ people coming out of Washington, DC. But in Oregon, there’s possible good news on the horizon: One lawmaker is working to abolish transphobic language from state law. State Rep. Karin Power, whose district includes Milwaukee and parts of Southeast Portland,...

Feb 2 & 8, 7:00pm & Feb 3 & 9, 3:00pm
Contemporary Chilean puppetry ensemble Silencio Blanco comes to Portland with Pescador (Fisherman), a magical, hour-long puppetry fable featuring a lone pescador encountering the immensity of nature in pursuit of a trade that's been nearly forgotten in the age of industrial fishery.
Tickets and more information available at . CoHo friends can use the code COHO5 online for $5 off Adult General Admission tickets!

You love Portals for Tableau, so much so that you wish it were easier to get to it on your smartphone. You long for the experience that comes with just tapping a button on your home screen to launch it like many of your other...

The new year is giving us a great opportunity to launch and re-launch our Connect Groups! These small groups meet in homes throughout Beaverton and Portland, and they are a great way to go deeper in your faith and deeper in your relationships over a shared meal
The Herdina family is officially three strong! Baby Isaiah James made his debut on January 8th and we are so thrilled that everyone is doing well! If you are able to help these new parents get…

The master’s degree program at the WW Academy is specially designed to meet the needs of today’s—and tomorrow’s—classrooms. Learn the skills needed to lead today’s classroom as you work toward an initial teaching license in middle or high school STEM fields. The competency-based M.Ed. program focuses on real-world outcomes and makes the most of the way individual learners learn
The 2019 application deadlines are January 31…

With technology changing so rapidly, you need to stay up to date in order to remain lucrative. Here are six places where you can do just that.

Hosting your own book tour with author Tabitha Blankenbiller discusses the unique ways in which you can connect with book stores, local businesses and publications to promote your book. Tabitha toured with her debut memoir, Eats of Eden to rave reviews. Here she'll share her successes and tips she learned along the way.

Lenders are turning to borrowers with harder-to-document finances, helping drive growth in the kind of home loans that helped fuel the housing meltdown.

Why there is career uncertainty? And what are the factors? The economy ups and downs along with the ongoing technologies development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution such is AI result in jobs turbulence and a career uncertainty we experience today and will experience it in a close future too. Wil

As a follow-up to my prior blog post, I wanted to explore an additional use case for aggregation in Tableau: joining together data that might be at different date levels. It’s the same premise—you have two data sources at two levels of detail (e.g. row-level...

For a moment in time, the comic that mattered the most was the one with Nightwing in it. In this month's installment of Michel Fiffe's Files, he takes a long

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More than two dozen alerts about a possible carcinogen in blood pressure medications have gone out since July. Tuesday brought a new one.

The flag was taken away from the South Carolina capitol building in Columbia back in 2015, in the wake of the massacre at a church in Charleston. It's now housed in a museum.

The Government Shutdown Direct Relief Fund has been set up to help furloughed federal workers during the government shutdown.

Hospitals are businesses, too, so here's how they stack up in terms of some standard financial and utilization metrics.

A Hillsboro man was sentenced to 16 years in prison for sexually abusing his girlfriend's 9-year-old daughter.

The State of the Union is scheduled for one week from today, but there's no official word on exactly where it'll happen.