Business in Southwest Hills - Portland, OR

I had a really crappy morning. Wasted several hours driving somewhere for no reason - a meeting is tomorrow, not today. I am really aggravated, angry, and fr...

Shingles is an infection that causes a rash on your body that creates blisters. It's caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox.

The comic book world lost a superhero in Stan Lee. Now local artists and comic book enthusiasts are remembering his legacy.

The man was barefoot and wearing just a pair of running shorts when he took after the man who'd broke into his home.

MIllwood avenue Family Dollar was robbed and police are looking for two suspects

Investment in green, efficient urban centres is central to China's long-term plans for growth.

Portland makes second NCAA tournament appearance in three years, while OSU grabs its first berth since 2014.

The matchup between the Gamecocks and Tigers will be at 7 p.m on November 24.

Want to breathe new life into those dated bookshelves, drawers or cabinets? We ask the experts about getting started.

United States Representative Jim Clyburn called for South Carolina to stop using its aging voting equipment.

It was a chilly day but the cold didn't put a damper on the spirits of the many who filled the streets of downtown Columbia to show support for those who served our country.

Ten years ago (2008) in Portland Federale released its first record: "La Rayar" on CD. The group of seven musicians known as Federale had already been together for two years, played fistf

A Washington County jury found Leo J. Miller, 73, guilty Nov. 2 of fourth-degree assault and acquitted him of attempted murder, unlawful use of a weapon and strangulation. His fourth-degree assault charge was downgraded from an initial accusation of second-degree assault.

My daughter's friend is passing her classes but not getting great grades and is losing her scholarship next year.

Mark Ojakian, president of Connecticut State Colleges and Universities, said he was horrified when he learned about the incident and described it as "appalling and unacceptable."