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Mick Schumacher, son of seven-time champion Michael, has joined the Ferrari driver academy, sources close to the team say.

People are upset after a photo of a sea lion eating a large sturgeon near Willamette Falls surfaced. But not everyone thinks killing the sea lions is the right answer

Federal prison guards are not getting paid during the government shutdown, but are the inmates who work for Federal Prison Industries getting paid?

Court documents say Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations sent a cease and desist letter to Rockstar and its parent company, Take-Two Interactive, in December, claiming the popular Wild West video game uses their trademarks without permission.

It's official — Travis Scott will be joining Maroon 5 for their Super Bowl LIII halftime performance. However, the Astroworld rapper didn't come to the decision lightly. | iHeartRadio

Gymnastics was my worth. It was my life. I hated myself. It took me finding Miss Val and UCLA and having a different goal and path to follow to finally find joy and love within the sport again.

Everything you need to know to grow your own Cheese marijuana, including indoor and outdoor requirements, hydroponic setups, lighting, and more.

In the world of American performance cars, the Corvette has long been on the top. Sure, there are other American cars such the Viper or Venom GT, which may “dethrone” it, but the Corvette still sells like crazy. It uses a lightweight fiberglass body, a lightweight aluminum V8, good suspension geometry, and it puts lots of rubber on the road. The C6 Z06, in particular, uses a massive 7.0L V8 and is insanely popular in the world of street racing
When our customer,…

Here are some of the city's most out-of-the-way spots to eat, drink, or just be mysterious.

Please join our family in making a difference for the families of critically ill patients cared for at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
Our family is raising funds through Lurie Children’s Circle of Friends program to support Aaron's Coffee Corner, a program that will provide 24/7 access to free, fresh, quality coffee in the Family Great Room of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit on the 16th floor.
Join our effort to bring the smallest of comforts to all those…

2nd Sunday of Epiphany LIVING INSIDE-OUT: Sermon on the Mount Preacher - Brian Marsh Psalm 88 Matthew 5.1-3

Lady Gaga learned that her horse, Arabella, was dying following two Critics' Choice Award wins | iHeartRadio

One of the best features of turbocharged Macans, is how easy it is to increase power. Unlike naturally aspirated engines, turbocharged engines respond well to simple bolt-on modifications and even better to an ECU flash. Our Porsche Macan has a few bolt-on parts and an ECU tune, and the OEM diverter valves can no longer keep up with the demand
The OEM diverter valves work fine at the stock power level, but they crack and leak boost when you increase power. Sometimes, the…

When I first attempted to learn how to program I was very lucky to have an extremely smart and experienced developer set up my machine to…

More than 4 million pup parents used our dog naming site in 2018. What were their favorites? These top dog names will definitely surprise you.

Just two days before the legendary 2019 Coachella line-up was supposed to announce, Kanye reportedly "sprung a last-minute surprise on the concert promoter." | iHeartRadio

What will happen to the outer East Portland farmland just east of NE 122nd Avenue, and south of Shaver Street? Learn more, and chime in, online, by January 31

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