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With the addition of Erika Hayes James, SurveyMonkey’s board now has two black women—the first being none other than Serena Williams.

Portland, Ore., Aug. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Viewpoint, a Trimble Company (NASDAQ: TRMB) and construction management software leader, today announced the...

Everyone should reduce prolonged or heavy exertion and consider staying inside, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Potatoes are one of the easiest crops to grow, but it can be hard to tell when they're ready to dig. Learn how and when to harvest and store homegrown potatoes.

We're looking for a great Operations Manager - Medical Education Training Center to join our team at Cascade Healthcare Services LLC

From Alex Jones to alleged Russian trolls, major internet companies are increasingly policing content on their platforms. Max Blumenthal of the Grayzone Project says the partnership between Facebook and the Atlantic Council highlights “the merger of the national security state and Silicon Valley.”

'Will Eno\'s \"Title and Deed\" is a haunting and often fiercely funny meditation on life as a state of permanent exile. \"The graven imprint of Samuel Beckett is strong in Mr. Eno\'s solo works,\" wrote \"The New York Times\". See why when his play comes to Portland\'s Imago Theatre.

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For Vital Drinking Water Supplies and for Quality of Life in the Community
The area around Lewisville Lake in Denton County is rapidly being transformed from a rural setting to urbanized communities. Population growth and development will continue. In the public interest, it is urgent that the potential effect on water quality and the water supply for this region not be taken for granted
Communities in…

Hanselminutes is so hot right now. Graphic tees available in tri-blend heather white and 100% cotton white. Screen-printed with water-based inks.

The body has been identified as Tykendrick Jamail Williamson, 30, who, deputies say, did not have a fixed address.

Hopkins residents held a meeting this evening dealing with the fallout of a recent chemical leak at Westinghouse's Columbia facility.

Monks, after my passing away, if all the sons and daughters of good family and the faithful, so long as they live, go to the four holy places, they should go and remember: here at Lumbini the enlightened one was born; here at Bodhgaya he attained enlightenment; here at Sarnath he turned twelve wheels of Dharma; and here at Kushinagar he entered parinirvana
Monks, after my passing away there will be activities such as circumambulation of these places and prostration to them.

The first volume in LYWA Heart Advice, a series of core teachings taken from the experiential instructions of Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Chatham County Police Chief Jeff Hadley told reporters Monday that investigators believe the 16-year-old suspect is the slain woman's brother.

A 16-year-old is charged with the killing of a Savannah police officer and the officer's wife inside their home.

Over the last three months, more than 500 construction professionals have gathered at eight separate events across the United States to network and learn

A terminally ill shelter dog has checked off the biggest item on his bucket list: finding a forever home.
Smoke, a 10-year-old hound mix, was adopted Thursday from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.
Here's a look some other experiences Smoke has been able to check off his lengthy list.

The suspect, LaQuinn Phillips, will be allowed to live in home detention with an ankle bracelet monitor.

Disney's live-action remake of 'Mulan' is set for a March 27, 2020 release date.

Yeast is one of the main reasons bread is so special and complex. Yeast cells are tiny: there are roughly 15 billion individual yeast organisms in every gram of a compressed yeast cake. Working with a living ingredient can be challenging, but understanding how yeast behaves will ultimately help you bake better bread.

Chase will use behemoth online travel agency Expedia as the engine for booking travel with Chase Ultimate Rewards® credit card points, a move the issuer said will give cardholders more choices and…

Drawings are foundational to construction project management. Sheet counts in the approved construction set are often large to begin with and grow even

Get tickets to Timber Timbre at Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR on 08/13/18

Richland deputies are investigatng after a 33 year old woman was shot to death early yesterday. The victim's name is Nakya Scott and we're learning new details about the incident that took her life.

The company says it hopes to break ground on the outlets--which would be located right off the 12th Street Extension--next year.

We are both humbled and proud to be on this list. We Made The List! We are proud to announce that we are one of the Oregon Business 100 Best Nonprofits to Work for in Oregon for 2018! This ranking is determined by a staff survey. We strive to provide a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment for everyone who walks through our doors, including our staff! Keep an eye on our careers page for opportunities to join our team. Big Thanks to Our…

So far, officials have received more than 1,500 tips related to her disappearance and conducted more than 500 interviews.

Project Managers: Learn to Maximize Your Software Use at Collaborate 2018 If there’s one role touching virtually all aspects of construction operations,

In an effort to keep an eye on state agencies... today State lawmakers heard from the department of revenue about what they've done to improve relations with taxpayers... and what help the department needs going forward.