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Amazon is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Amazon accounts for 44% of all eCommerce sales, and it will only continue to grow. At Cart Logic, we believe an effective Amazon account management service is critical in navigating this powerful online platform. We couple your seller’s account with our Pay Per Click management as well. With a PPC management service, your site will take advantage…

Artificial intelligence companies are taking on the health industry with big results for consumers. Here are the pros, cons and potential business opportunities.

Eva Gutowski, known to almost 9 million YouTube subscribers as MyLifeAsEva, published her first music video in 2015 -- and hasn't looked back since.

Neighbors are on high alert after another cougar was spotted lurking near homes by Powell Butte Nature Park in Southeast Portland. It was spotted Friday night at a condominium complex off of 153rd Avenue. Tucked behind the condos is a little oasis, where b

Police shot and killed a man Sunday suspected of shooting and wounding three Kansas City police officers, authorities said.

The fire at Silver Falls State Park that spurred the evacuation of 185 people Friday spread to 27 acres and is 25 percent contained. There are closures in the southeast part of the park but other areas are operating normally.

National Ice Cream Day is being celebrated all week by Oregon dairy farmers and ice cream makers participating in the "Scoop It Forward" campaign that encourages people to perform random acts of frosty kindness July 15 through July 22.

The week's highlights include the premiere of Sacha Baron Cohen's "Who Is America?"; the season premiere of "Snowfall"; and the return of "Suits," with Katherine Heigl joining the cast now that Meghan Markle has left for life as a royal.

In a culture of stark political polarization like ours, you cannot win people over by demanding they be punished for wrong-think.

Gus Van Sant's "Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot" is based on the memoir of Portland cartoonist John Callahan.

Trump's national security adviser said they aren't looking for "concrete deliverables."

Every stage of life offers a challenge, she said. It can be medical, or it can be personal. We are all the same. We must learn to rise to the challenge. It's not always easy.

It's exciting to see the progress on rebuilding Grant High School, which will be ready to accept students again in time for the 2019-20 school year. One area of concern that I've heard from students and families -- and seen...

For the past year, the Buddhist Peace Fellowship has staged monthly "Thawing ICE" walks around Portland's ICE headquarters.

Didn't get the chance to attend the 2018 Work Truck Show last month? See what you missed from Sortimo.

Dogs are such posers. No, not like that . We don't mean to suggest they're fake or vain or showoffs or status-grubbing, social climbers. What we mean to say is that they're photogenic AF — and some of them definitely know it. That's the takeaway — well, one of them at least — from a hilarious thread on Twitter in which pet owners shared pictures of their pups flashing their best smiles and fiercest looks for the camera.

When a team of hockey players showed up for practice, a stray cat had chosen one of their bags as the place to have her kittens.
The look on the mama's face! :)
Courtesy: Ian McIntosh
"We found her and the babies on May 15th before our weekly Sunday night practice," Dan Klein, a recreatio...

Fire officials said the blaze had burned about 130 acres by Saturday afternoon.

Bermuda is home to one of the highest-latitude coral reefs in the world, and scientists there are working to decode the keys to its health as climate change devastates reefs elsewhere.

Indonesian cuisine has always been one of my favorites since my first exposure to it. My first encounter with the diverse style of cooking came in the form of Rijsttafel, literally translated to rice table.

Starbucks will eliminate plastic straws from all of its locations within two years, citing the environmental threat to oceans.

The fire began Friday evening. Officials at Sierra National Forest tweeted that it had burned about 130 acres by Saturday afternoon.

As we spend the summer debating the confirmation of a new justice to the Supreme Court there are some basic truths that should inform our dialogue.

Following the approval of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, Armageddon did not descend upon us. People did not start dropping dead, as Nancy Pelosi implied.

"She was a blessing and the light of my life," daughter Nancy Sinatra, Jr., said.