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Wind-blown embers that jump far ahead of the fire line and start new spot fires have long been the bane of firefighters in the American West.

Look up at the Portland area's most stunning decks as seen on homes for sale or recently sold.

The East County Building will open Sunday and Monday as temperatures are expected to hit the upper 90s.

By David Cansler | Posted July 21, 2018 at 05:00 AM
Below is counties ranked by the percentage of adults who report meeting guidelines for physical activity provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). All but four of Oregon's 36 counties had enough data to report
The exercise guidelines are: 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity activity or 75 minutes per week of…

Read a Carnival Horizon ship review about the latest and greatest ship in the Carnival Cruise Line fleet. The 3,960-passenger Carnival Horizon has the best entertainment, food, accommodations and more aboard any Carnival Cruise Line ship.

Dealing with money may be the most unexciting aspect of tracking your studio project, but budgeting for your recording session is key to achieving success.

"Beginner's Garden: A Practical Guide to Growing Vegetables & Fruit without Getting Your Hands Too Dirty" by Alex Mitchell (CompanionHouse Books, Fox Chapel Publishing, $16.99): This is a fun guide that contains gardening basics, from essential tools to soils. Even seasoned gardeners will find elements of the cleverly written book helpful and interesting.

By Carl Stagner For the first time since 1980, Indianapolis, Indiana, was home to the International Youth Convention of the Church of God. Reflecting the local racing culture, the 51st pinnacle of …

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More than half of the 17 people killed when a tourist boat sank on a Branson lake were members of the same Indiana family.

The split-level home featured in 1970s' TV sitcom "The Brady Bunch" is for sale for $1.885 million.

Authorities have not yet identified the people who were taken into custody by federal protective services officers and led into the federal building. It's also not yet clear what charges they face.

Can you believe these critters actually evolved to look this way? Here, the book "WTF, Evolution?!" critiques some of Earth's wackiest creatures in these weird animal photos.

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Lopez also took time to speak about her forthcoming romantic/comedy, 'Second Act' | iHeartRadio

How does "Animal House," the college comedy that filmed in Oregon's Lane County and made John Belushi a star, hold up on its 40th anniversary? Let's find out.

"We don't kick people out because of their thoughts or beliefs," Brickhouse owner Angela Deans told The Oregonian/OregonLive. "We refuse service if someone is being a jerk."

Paul Collins's new book, 'Blood and Ivy,' exhumes a once-infamous doctor-on-doctor crime.

The militia group Oath Keepers on Thursday called off a planned protest outside the South Los Angeles office of Rep. Maxine Waters.