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Festinate is one among many in the category of words whose early recorded use is in the works of William Shakespeare. He used it as an adjective (which is pronounced \FESS-tuh-nut\\) in King Lear, for

There's a growing movement of MDs working to include recognition of people with disabilities in their profession — and how those disabilities might actually make them better doctors.

When covering science stories we try our hardest to find good material. Well, sometimes we end up finding that great material…and sometimes it happens to be eco-friendly, reduces waste, and enhances life! For this week's article let's check out some big stuff that's happening in the world of new eco-friendly materials made from fungus!

Daniel and Todd talk about inspiring books and podcasts they are listening to.

Teenagers stranded in the Alaska forest, trapped in a creepy mansion, and stuck aboard the Titanic in novels from Kate Alice Marshall, Marisha Pessl and Sarah Jane.

I’m having a hard time pinpointing exactly what it is about the Milnes-Daimler Omnibus that makes me so uncomfortable. This thing is bulky. It’s big. It looks like it shouldn’t function and yet somehow it did. People of the early 1900s, tell me what you were imagining with this bad boy.

If you watch pretty much any form of motorsport, chances are you’ve heard the name Penske. Roger Penske built his racing empire from the ground up in the mid-20th century, and the team has been successful at just about everything they’ve tried. But back in the day, before all the fancy technology came to the fore of racing, all Penske had was Judy Stropus.

Tips on how to make your life more environmentally friendly are everywhere, from reducing your plastic waste to walking or biking rather than taking buses and cars. But some advice on greening your life is more complex than it seems. The supply chain…

Kyle Long’s 1966 Volvo 122S wagon would be cool enough on its own, given that he swapped in the more modern five-cylinder engine from a 1995 Volvo 850. The week after finishing it, he took his freshly swapped wagon on a 7,000-mile cross-country road trip, where he’s well on his way to legendary status after already having to swap an engine and transmission just to keep going. 

If you’ve ever gone to a rally event, you know things can get real sketchy real quick. It’s part of the beauty of the sport—spectators help shove cars back on track that go careening into the forest, cars fly by with huge chunks of the bodywork missing and everything else held together with duct tape. But sometimes, things are beautiful in, uh, a different way. For example, watching Ken Block’s rally car engulfed in flame like you’re watching a performance art piece.

Social Movement Definition: Lasting change happens when people form a movement. But what exactly is a movement? Learn more in this infographic!

Aspen Limo Tours provides luxurious party bus and limousine services throughout Oregon and Washington. Based out of Portland, Oregon Aspen is well known for

The Phoenix Suns today completed two trades, one with the Philadelphia 76ers and one with the Brooklyn Nets. From Philadelphia, the Suns acquired forward/center Richaun Holmes in exchange for cash considerations. From Brooklyn, the Suns acquired forward Darrell Arthur in exchange for forward Jared Dudley and a protected 2021 second-round pick.

7/28 War of the Roses Foil Tournament, Y12 mixed, link
7/30-8/4 Epee International Camp, ages 12+ & *pre-req, link
8/4 War of the Roses Epee Tournament, Y14 mixed, link
8/11-12 Orion 3rd Anniversary BBQ & Tourn, Open & Y12, link
9/8 & 9 RYC in Portland, Y10, Y12, Y14, link
7/23-28 Foil International Camp, ages 12+ & *pre-req, link…

Clark County has been the breeding ground for far-right activity in the Pacific Northwest.

"I don't bring people to my house," Wiz Khalifa says of the Mediterranean-style residence he shares with his 5-year-old son Sebastian

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Make and bake dozens of adorable charms to wear and share. Comes with 9 bright clay colors, bracelet, loops, shaping tools and lots of instructions and ideas for you! 8+
Klutz Clay Charms kit, $21.99
Sloths lazily hang on vines all around this colorful puzzle perfect for age 5 and up. Design is fun to work from all sides so no one is upside down. Except the sloths.
Eeboo 64 piece puzzle, $9.99
Layer and mix the colored planet powders, soak your planet…

Tying the knot doesn’t require much more than two willing participants and an officiant. But most couples don’t opt for a quick trip to City Hall. In fact, the 2018 WeddingWire Newlywed Report, based on 17,862 weddings in 2017 across the U.S., found that the average cost for a wedding is a whopping $36,000! 

From an Ecuadorean political thriller to a riveting study of seaweed, these are titles worth soaking up along with the sun, writes Jane Ciabattari.