Business in Eliot - Portland, OR

Football clubs across Europe are wearing recycled ocean plastic to raise awareness of pollution.

Accesso ShoWare Center , Kent, WA– Saturay, November 17th
Portland’s seven-game point streak came to a close in Seattle despite a big third period push inside the ShoWare Center. The Thunderbirds beat the Hawks 6-4 on Saturday night
The Winterhawks got on the board early in regulation. During their first power play chance, Jake Gricius snuck in a shot to give the Hawks the early advantage on the road. The goal was confirmed during a stoppage of play via an official booth review.…

Two people were arrested after a shooting in Newberry, and police are still looking for two more suspects.

Deputies say he blackmailed a woman for the past year to the point that she tried to commit suicide.

Patriot Prayer's top brass met in a heavily-policed Terry Schrunk Plaza this afternoon to talk broadly about men being wrongly accused of sexual assault. Dubbed "Him Too," the rally's twisted response to the "Me Too" movement drew a few hundred Portlanders out to counter-protest in neighboring Chapman Square. Less than 50 members of the Vancouver, WA extremist group Patriot Prayer showed up, including founder Joey Gibson. The downtown rallies were separated by Portland police, Multnomah...

Hundreds of soldiers and their guests gathered at the Medallion conference center for the Third Army Centennial gala

"They said my brain was leaking… it was scary," Gregory Phillpotts said. "Who loses fluid from their brain… I didn't even know that was possible."

Alcohol kills more people each year than overdoses through cancer, liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis and suicide, among other ways.

The state's sentencing guidelines constrained the judge from serving a harsher penalty because the offender had no prior record.

The Bidens started fostering Major in March and finalized the adoption on Saturday.

The Oregon Health Authority has released new guidelines for prescribing opioids to patients with short-term acute pain.

Alberta Street Gallery is paying higher rent but has gained new members, more space and a longer lease on life.

A man has admitted in court that he repeatedly injured his 7-year-old son after state child welfare workers placed the boy in his custody despite his lengthy history of domestic violence and an order barring him from seeing his two younger sons.

Glass bottles and flares were thrown. Police termed it a 'civil disturbance' and warned people to disperse.

Aged tequila shines in this sultry stirred cocktail from Phoenix bartender Blaise Faber.

Democrat Andrew Gillum ended his hard-fought campaign for Florida governor on Saturday, just hours before counties must turn in their official results following days of recounting ballots.

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