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Nicki Minaj might be "boo'd up, boo'd up" and the Internet wants some answers. | iHeartRadio

Fall is finally here and your favorite winemakers are walking the vineyard rows one last time to see if those grapes are finally ready. Don't get spooked though, there are plenty of special wine events for you to consider this month!

The second season will follow Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey's legal teams as they fight to overturn their convictions.

The unusual number of highest-paid employees stems from a colossal (26-way) tie at the No. 33 spot.

A former Jackson County commissioner says Curt Ankerberg is "intemperate, angry, vile and destructive" -- and just may get elected to the Medford City Council.

In Andrea Constand's statement to the court, she said Bill Cosby took her 'beautiful, young spirit and crushed it.'

The report says the men started conversations through popular apps like Kik, Wishbone, Discord Tumblr and even video games like Fortnite and Minecraft.

Adam Gwon's musical exploration of young lives in a vast, indifferent city gets a moving production from Broadway Rose.

The lawsuit is one of two legal claims related to Oregrown and grower Justin Crawn. In a separate lawsuit filed last month, Oregrown accuses Crawn of defamation and trademark infringement among other allegations. It claims that Crawn's inability to produce "marketable flower with any sort of consistency" cost the company millions of dollars.

Seattle lost an NBA team in heartbreaking fashion, but have a basketball-hungry fan base that would welcome the league back.

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What audiences at The Armory are experiencing may be the best version of "The Color Purple" created for stage or screen.

The historic Buck-Prager Building will get new life as an affordable housing development of 148 new apartments for seniors and low-wage workers.

Three men were stabbed Monday afternoon on a road trip gone wrong on Oregon 140 in southern Oregon, troopers said.

The case of Steven Avery and Brenden Dassey, convicted in the murder of Teresa Halbach, will be further explored in the Netflix documentary series, "Making a Murderer" Part 2.

Robyn's first record in eight years drops next month. | iHeartRadio

Springfield police warned heroin users about the possibility of an exceptionally potent round of heroin on sale in the area after five people overdosed in an eight-hour period on Saturday.