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Sat. Jan. 19: Anti-Anxiety & Stress Relief Training, 9:30-1:00 half day training, learn to "train the brain" out of negative thinking, worry and the patterns behind the scenes that cause stress and make stress worse
Thus. Jan. 24: Empowering Self & Others, 6:30-8 Online Masterclass, Free introduction launches the series. Learn real skills you can use as a parent, as a teacher, mentor, trainer or Coach…

On Friday, August 24, 2018, Thai Bloom! supported the Rivermark Community Fund’s 2nd Annual Golf Tournament. The event’s fundraising goal is to clear $30,000 from the event. All net proceeds after expenses will directly benefit the Rivermark Community Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation. The Rivermark Community Fund was established in 2016. The purpose of …

Measles is a highly contagious disease. Unvaccinated people are most at risk

More changes at Ferrari could be looming in "the coming months". That is the claim of John Elkann,

In the world of off-road racing, Baja Designs is one of the biggest names around. They are a leader in the off-road lighting market and offer innovative lighting solutions. One problem LED light bars have faced since their inception is distance. Without distance, you can “outrun” the light, meaning you can drive faster than your vision permits, which can create a disaster. Baja Designs has solved this problem with their new XL Laser lights
Most spot beam LED lights use a tight beam…

The objective behind any aftermarket intake is to increase airflow to the engine. If you can get more air into the engine, more fuel can be added, and the engine will produce more power. Aside from flow characteristics, it’s important to keep intake air temperatures low, since cold air is denser than hot air. For those who want the best aftermarket intake possible, Eventuri is the go-to company. For 2017+ Audi RS4/RS5 owners, an Eventuri intake is now a choice
Rather than design…

Tips to make moving easier. Moving can be full of stress. From packing to settling into a new neighborhood. Tips from a military wife.

Empowering women to claim their space and break the sound barrier.

Ceramic Pro PPF & Vi nyl is a clear, multi-layerable, nano-ceramic liquid coating. When cured, it will transform itself on the surface to a slick, flexible glass shield acting as a protective barrier to the substrate it is applied to. The coating forms a chemical bond with the film that allows all of the empty pores on the surface to be filled, creating a brand new layer of protection. Brochure

The Democratic proposal to hike the U.S. minimum wage to $15 per hour from the current $7.25 will likely fail in the GOP-held Senate.

Bank workers say they are still under pressure to get bonuses and push through deal closings with ‘no real respect’

Pump intimacy into your interior design. Check out these modern bedroom chandelier ideas.

Getting ready to hire a contractor? HouseLogic lists 5 essential questions to ask candidates to help you hire the best remodeling contractor.

In the world of high-performance German coupes, there are a lot of options. For those who know and love Audi, the S5 is the perfect option. The B9 S5 is more powerful than the older B8 S5, but it lacks the awesome V8 noise the B8 produces. Luckily, squeezing more power from the B8 S5 is easy, since Audi left a decent amount of performance on the table
The most common way to expose this horsepower is with bolt-on modifications such as intake…

Trusted General and Cosmetic Dentistry serving Sugar Land, TX. Contact us at 281-201-0581 or visit us at 5814 New Territory Blvd., Sugar Land, TX 77479: Premier Dental

Do you get overwhelmed by clutter? Here are some decluttering tips to help keep your home and your mind free and clear of stuff!

7 Steps to a Clean, Decluttered & Organized Pantry That You’ll Be Proud to Show Off

Mick Schumacher, son of seven-time champion Michael, has joined the Ferrari driver academy, sources close to the team say.

Landscaping During Winter Months gives insight, images and videos showing landscape construction in all season climates. .

Crunch Fitness trainer Lee Lawrence shares his three tips for success at the gym.

Joe Avila narrowly escaped from his home when the Camp Fire hit Paradise, CA. He was able to find comfort and safety at a Red Cross shelter.

Christina Kwauk discusses women’s leadership and girls’ education and their doubly important role in the fight toward gender equality.

In the world of American performance cars, the Corvette has long been on the top. Sure, there are other American cars such the Viper or Venom GT, which may “dethrone” it, but the Corvette still sells like crazy. It uses a lightweight fiberglass body, a lightweight aluminum V8, good suspension geometry, and it puts lots of rubber on the road. The C6 Z06, in particular, uses a massive 7.0L V8 and is insanely popular in the world of street racing
When our customer,…

What will happen to the outer East Portland farmland just east of NE 122nd Avenue, and south of Shaver Street? Learn more, and chime in, online, by January 31

Funding for permanent supportive housing and behavioral health, and protecting public health and safety net services, topped Multnomah County’s legislative priorities for 2019.

You can still send regionally targeted emails, even if you didn’t collect your fans’ city, state, or zip code information. If you’re like me, your email list is a bit of a mess. For some subscribers you’ve got all the info — city, state, country, zip, favorite animal, albums purchased, mother’s maiden name. 😉 For …

There’s one sure thing about tooth decay: you can’t ignore it. In fact, the best outcomes result from finding it early and treating it before it enters the pulp in the center of the tooth, often a filling or similar treatment.If it does advance to the pulp, you may need a root canal tre

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FF owners could use it as a spare, or just display it in their living room, as it comes with a pedestal.

The Most Popular New Organizing Tips & Decorating Ideas from Blue i Style. Find ways to create more storage space, organize trouble spots in just five minutes, and decorate spaces that seamlessly blend style and function.

Yet many investments are at the whim of the market. We can't always predict the future value of our home(s) or mutual funds
Business ownership empowers us to have direct control over our investment and return, when done strategically.
During this private, 30-min webcast, we will cover:
* What business characteristics should I seek or avoid in my research?
* What businesses already have a portfolio model in place?
* How does the model work?
* What are the most recession-resistant industries?