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Want relief? We effectively treat many challenging conditions in adults and children, such as: Motor Vehicle Accidents, Work/Sports Injuries, Back/Neck Pain, and Headaches. Get the best natural health we have to offer with our practitioners offering chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, counseling, NLP, and hypnotherapy. Give us a call today at 503-253-8818!

Artificial intelligence is moving forward in these five important ways. Are you ready for it?

Put your music and profile to work on Spotify. Spotify wants you to know how to get the most out of your music on their platform. The better you do, the better they do. So they’ve launched a series with video tutorials with usage-cases to show you creative ways of spiffing up your discography, analyzing …

The NFL owners have decided to impose fines on any team in which players kneel on the field or the sidelines during the National Anthem: Here’s more: NFL owners have approved a new policy aim…

Stock indexes closed lower Thursday after battling back from sharp losses that came after President Trump called off a summit with North Korea's leader.

Hi Guys! Ready for Guided Landscape Tour #6 – Views on a Landscape with a View?
I am optimistic you all love this Tour Series.

It only takes a quick glance back through our posts here on our blog or on our Facebook or Ravelry pages to know that I swatch… a lot!

So here I am enjoying my thirteenth Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) and, as always, I'v...

25 Backyard Ideas for Summer - From Paradise Restored Exterior Design brings you ideas for summertime fun in backyard living

“Which do you write first, the music or the words?” This is the classic question that all songwriters get asked. In my experience, there’s no easy - or correct - answer to this one. Sometimes it’s the music, sometimes it’s the lyrics, and, often, it’s some mystical, organic combination of the…

Call Kerr Properties, Inc. at 503-666-0922 if you would like to schedule an appointment to view the property in person. Also check out our web page at www.ke...

It should come as no surprise that the focus of this year’s Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Roadcheck will be hours of service (HOS) compliance.

At this time in the investigation there are no indications of foul play.

The Police Bureau regrets the error.



Portland Pol...

Is the future of music videos vertical and short? Maybe at first. No, I’m not describing a graph. What I mean is: quick videos that are shot with the camera held upright (not in landscape) — that’s the key to introducing your music to new “cold” audiences on social platforms. Sequential marketing is about easy …

Timber Chiropractic

Welcome to Timber Chiropractic
At Timber Chiropractic we specialize in getting you back to action. Pain is not a lifestyle and we are here to help. Whether you are a neighborhood walker, weekend warrior or a trained athlete, we are here to you achieve your best health. At our office we use a combination of chiropractic, soft tissue treatment and therapeutic exercises to help you reach your goals. The techniques we use are supported by the most up-to-date research and we are constantly…

Reception seating chart ideas. Check out this super easy DIY wedding reception idea and make your own keys for guest seating arrangements!

Hey you Guys! Things are Heating Up – time to check out 25 backyard ideas for summer from Paradise Restored Exterior Design! Ideas for all types of people, with all types of styles.

Don't take on interns just to ensure a fresh pot of coffee. Do make your internships mutually beneficial for the intern and company alike.

These moneymaking apps won't make you rich but can earn you some respectable extra pocket money with little effort.

MealPal CEO and co-founder Mary Biggins says her support system is what allows her to take those major leaps.

The questions you ask can derail your progress, or empower your business.

There are a lot of exclusions but the goal is to raise funds for a road that is seen as a safety nightmare.