Business in Buckman - Portland, OR

Our long, hot, swampy, soggy, fiery summer is finally coming to an end on Saturday with the autumnal equinox, marking the beginning of fall.

With the 2018 one-a-year hop harvest well underway, I had a chance to visit Crosby Hop Farm in Woodburn, Oregon as they geared up for another busy year. In 2017 Oregon for the first time fell behind Idaho in hop production, going from the second to third place behind Washington’s dominant Yakima growing region. But …

A California woman who volunteered as a treasurer for the Girl Scouts for two decades has been charged with grand theft after allegedly embezzling nearly $90,000 from scout troops and the Beverly Hills Cancer Center.

Several organizations around the midlands are helping those affected by hurricane Florence this includes the Harvest Hope food bank and local law enforcement.

A conversation with Alibaba founder Jack Ma on the future of entrepreneurship in China
Simultaneous interpretation in English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese
This session will be livestreamed on TopLink and the Forum website.

Federal prosecutors on Tuesday announced 26 charges against Fifth Circuit Solicitor Dan Johnson including wire fraud, mail fraud and theft of government funds.

Multiple news outlets are reporting the group will be performing at halftime in Atlanta. Good choice? Who would you like to see?

The limited-edition Oreos will be available in stores nationwide beginning September 24.

A man goes out of town. A man comes back with little to show for himself except these nice links.

Investigators say two men who were involved in gangs have both been sentenced to prison for a 2001 cold case killing on 82nd Avenue.

"What we saw was abuse, clear abuse of the standards," Steve Marks, executive director of the Liquor Control Commission, said Wednesday.

The “Digital Silk Road” could make infrastructure systems and economic models in emerging markets greener and more accessible.

The president can't stop complaining about Jeff Sessions over the Russia probe, immigration, Hillary Clinton and other disappointments.

The celebratory Rosh Hashana is followed by Yom Kippur, a day of atonement that began at sundown Sept. 18.

Paul Allen and the City of Seattle are spending more than $40 million on a family housing center in South Seattle.

Top Medical Marijuana Doctor Choices The doctor determines the right dosage and usage for your ailment. If your physician recommends medical marijuana as a very good treatment option, they will examine the risks and advantages of using cannabis together with the different approaches to consume it before scheduling a follow-up visit. Most doctors do not …

Five of the nation’s best-known chefs, Gabriel Rucker to Andrew Zimmern, are the new face of food culture sobriety.

The top 10 acts from "America's Got Talent" laid it all on the line during their final performances before the winner of $1 million and a chance to headline at a Las Vegas casino is crowned Wednesday night.