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My wife, Britt, and I had always dreamed of traveling across the U.S. — there’s something special about exploring our own incredible country. But we felt daunted by the cost…

Tonight...Richland Deputies say a father's facebook post led to an arrest .after his daughter was allegedly assaulted by her boyfriend.

For more than three weeks we've been reporting on voting machines here in the state.
As more and more voices join the chorus for change... we wanted give you a timeline of how the debate has heated up.

Brad Paisley famously revealed the gender of Underwood's first child by accident at the 2014 CMA Awards.

Angel of the Winds Arena- Everett, WA– Wednesday, November 14th
Portland increases its point streak to six straight games, but their road comeback falls one goal short in a shootout against Everett. The Hawks erased a 2-0 deficit through 40 minutes of hockey to earn one point in the standings against their northern rival
The Everett Silvertips were rewarded with a power play shy of two minutes into the game, and they made it a 1-0 score. Silvertips captain Connor Dewar drove in…

Today, hundreds from around the country made Columbia their destination.
The 7th annual Birth Outcomes Initiative Symposium took over the convention center, with attendees eager to learn how to protect more mothers and their children during and after bir

Lawrence Sullivan has been nicknamed the "Joker" because of his facial tattoos, resembling Batman's nemesis as seen in the movie "The Dark Knight."

Dozens of students, faculty and community members gathered at the USC Law School for the 21st annual Robert Smalls Lecture held by USC's African American Studies program.

In this week's Don't Miss This, Multiversity talks about Marvel's strongest, funniest and one of the few remaining All-New, All-Different titles, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

In honor of Prematurity Awareness Month, 5 Points is teaming with the Village Idiot to support the March of Dimes.

City leaders Wednesday put up a commemorative street sign in honor of Mulugeta Seraw, 30 years after white supremacists cut his life short. The sign was placed at the intersection of Southeast 31st Avenue and Pine Street where the Ethiopian immigrant was killed. Related: 30 years after a black man was killed by white supremacists, his story still matters. Speakers called groups Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys “today’s white nationalists” trying to bring us back 30 years.

Portland police said the woman was on NE 162nd Avenue south of NE Halsey Street when she was hit once, then again. Both drivers drove away before police arrived.

Cannabis dispensary Breeze Botanicals is offering a special discount for local veterans. Known as their "compassion program", the company offers a ten-percent discount to veterans consuming cannabis for medical reasons. These customers can also receive one free cannabis-related item per day out of the dispensary's compassion box. Items may be flower, capsules, cartridges, topicals, and more with no purchase necessary.

Wouldn’t you rather be a rich nobody than whatever Mark Zuckerberg is?

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Garth Brooks & the CMAs began this year's show with a moment of silence for those who lost their lives in the horrific mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, California

A man was sentenced to 7 and a half years in prison for attacking a Greyhound bus driver in November 2017.

The Portland City Council passed a policy Wednesday to curtail the use of plastic straws and utensils, making them available only by request citywide.

This February, Wolverine and Hulk team up to fight Weapon H in Hulkverines by Grek Pak, Ario Anindito and Guiu Villanova.

I go back and forth about how much I should show my grief to my son. I couldn't hide it all if I tried and I want him to know grief is normal and manageable, but I don't want him to be overwhelmed by it.

Among the 39 rated private high schools: Eight received overall A-plus ratings; 15 of the schools are in Portland while nine are in the city's suburbs; and six of the Top 10 are in Portland.

Three states legalized recreational marijuana it the mid-term election. Michigan voters legalized recreational marijuana, making it the tenth state in America to do so. Voters in Missouri and Utah legalized marijuana for medical purposes. This now makes a total of 32 states to now have medical cannabis. The victory in Michigan highlights just how widespread support is for marijuana policy reform
Michigan voters approved Proposal…