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Think. Make. Start. – a prototyping workshop where Tetra Pak employees and students team up to develop new digital solutions.

“Why?” is my favorite question because it illuminates relationships between cause and effect. And when we ask this question more than once we expose even deeper causal relationships. Unfortunately, my favorite question has been hijacked by the Cult of the Root Cause and been transformed into the ritual of “The Five Whys”. The concept behind …

A designer shares his tips for creating beautiful rooms with wainscoting, paneling, molding and more

'Don't miss the boat,' this ex-trader urges entrepreneurs about cryptocurrency, even as he acknowledges the huge risks.

Dogs are pretty interesting creatures, but they've got some weird habits. Here's what science says about a few of the strangest.

The questions you ask can derail your progress, or empower your business.

This extremely low profile wall mount supports 42 inch to 70 inch LCD and Plasma TVs up to 165 lbs. The slim wall plate keeps the screen only 1 inch from the wall, which is much cl

'Two Vouchers, Each Good for $10 Towards Jerk, Curry, or Brown Stew Chicken Dinner See menu here.\nMay be repurchased every 90 days. Limit 1 per person. Limit 1 per visit. Limit 1 per table. Can\'t combine vouchers in a single visit. Not valid for oxtail, the curry goat, ackee and salt fish, all fish dinners.'

Dog people fart more, while cat people are more likely to throw up secretly in a hidden location.

We've all told little white lies. But what about the big ones? What if telling them would bring your business success?

Your business plan will change. Your business beliefs should lead you to long-term success.

Lessons: Acts 1:15-17, 21-26 1 John 5:9-13 John 17:6-19 Psalm 1 The Lutheran pastor, Nadia Bolz-Weber, says that when she welcomes newcomers to the parish at which she serves, she always shares wit…

Your day-to-day activities offer ample opportunities to call up mindfulness in any moment. These simple practices will breathe space into your daily routines. #exercise #mindfuleating #mindfulmagazineapr16

The Instagram story posted earlier this week of an audio recording that, due to muddled frequencies, can sound like either “Yanny” or “Laurel,” has created enough of a rift that one Portlander decided to rename one of the city’s most beloved parks to reflect their stance.

It only takes one person to spread a little love and joy, and start a landslide of kindness. Use this list as inspiration, and add your own ideas!

Much has been said and written about Google integrating a built-in ad blocker to its widely popular Chrome browser in order to cut down on intrusive ads that do not follow the Better Ads Standards set by the Coalition of Better Ads used to improve web users experience.

Clark College Theatre continues its 2017-2018 season with The Shape of Things by Neil Labute
A dark tale of what people will do for love and art, the story revolves around four college students whose lives are inalterably changed when two of them become involved romantically. First staged in 2001, the play was made into a film featuring the original cast in 2003
This production’s cast…

It’s getting dark, and I’m out back of our trailer where I practice taekwondo. No one who lives in the trailer park can see me back there. My dad and I made a sparring ring and there’s a pull-up bar. I’m running through kicking combinations in the twilight when the screen door opens.

Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 perform "Amphetamine" live from Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop in Austin, TX, during KEXP's broadcast at SXSW. Recorded 3/18/2011. Host...

Experts in team development agree that teams will go through five different stages. Evidence of the 5 stages is presented along with leadership responsibilities during each stage.

Seven female DU law professors will receive a $2.6 million settlement and pay increases after federal officials filed a lawsuit against the women's employer for routinely paying higher salaries to their male colleagues.

Accenture Interactive's new Personalization report takes a look at what shoppers like and dislike about personalized brand interactions.

Sure, the King can overwhelm opponents with his imposing physique, but he also sees the game at a more sophisticated level.

Federal Prosecutors Pledge to Crack Down On Oregon’s Glut of Cannabis Leaking Across State Lines
U.S. Attorney for Oregon Billy Williams says he has five priorities for marijuana enforcement. The first is the interstate black market
(Christine Dong)
Updated May 18 at 12:34 PM
U.S. Attorney for Oregon Billy Williams issued a memorandum spelling out five priorities for going after illegal cannabis operations that violate federal…

Today we'll be updating my lab's VCSA 6.5a (build 4944578) to version 6.5 Update 2 (build 8307201) which was released May 3 2018. vCenter ...

What parent doesn’t want to set their child up for a successful future? If your child is smart and well educated, then good financial health should just happen, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Only 16.4 percent of high school students across the country are required to take a personal finance course to graduate. This means that parents need to take an active role in helping their children achieve financial well-being, and it’s best to start early
There are many ways you…

St. Michael clearly had a role in reclaiming the solstice for the glory of God and removing its connection to the enemy as he himself appeared at many of these sites.

Well, um. It turns out that Nintendo's new thing for Switch is cardboard constructions that turn your Switch into things like pianos, robot suits and fishing...