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Pharrell Williams debuts some Crazy BYW X heat while in China. Grab a first look at the Pharrell x adidas Crazy BYW X.

In this series, NerdWallet interviews people who have triumphed over debt using a combination of commitment, budgeting and smart financial choices. Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Graduating…

Trump appears to be prepared to shut the government down if Congress does not approve his request for $5 billion to build the border wall in the year-end budget.

The Portland Planning Commission recently approved a sweeping development for the five-acre site.

The campaign, called "It's Christmas. Keep It Real!," is funded by a 15-cent fee that tree farmers pay for each tree they harvest.

A few weeks ago, Brent and Mandy Ersland set up an inflatable polar bear in the front yard of their home on NE 95th Avenue near Burton Road. But when they woke up Tuesday it was gone.

Dec 11, 2018
Continuing their cadence of unexpected signature shoe debuts, the Under Armour Curry 6 sees the latest and greatest from Steph Curry and UA
Can’t stop, won’t stop, the Curry 6 pulls from Steph’s marathon a month mileage on the court and his can’t be contained change of direction speed.
“Stephen Curry runs about 2.3 miles per game,” Leon Gu, Designer of the Curry 6, explains. “That’s why wanted to design a shoe that was more like a running shoe for…

According to lawsuit, Tina Ferri, 53, died after Coffee Creek staff watched her get progressively sick from the flu.

Authorities say a man who was last seen snowboarding in southern Oregon Sunday has been found by search and rescue teams.

In the excitement of buying a new (or used) car it’s easy to forget critical details that wind up costing you money. I learned this over more than a decade…

This change would have SROs in schools every day and PPS would be paying PPB for their time.

Get tickets to The Knocks at Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR on 01/26/19

The so-called TriMet Barber is no longer banned from using the transit system.

A federal tax advantage has led real estate investors to flock to opportunity zones, including in Portland’s Central City.

Stream the Mark Mason episode, Mark Mason Show 12-11-18, free & on demand on iHeartRadio.

Emily Nussbaum reviews the Amazon series, which landed at an ideal moment, tapping into a desperation among women for something sweet.

The ruling comes after a federal judge dismissed her defamation lawsuit against the president.

A double-decker TriMet bus will be on the road Wednesday as a shuttle taking riders affected by the signal system upgrades on the WES Commuter Rail.

To cop the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Origin Story’ at your local mall or boutique make sure to contact the store in advance to see how they’re releasing the shoes. Some stores will do a raffle in advance of Friday to secure pairs and keep the crowds down.
If you miss out on the shoe, don’t worry, there are plenty of releases that will make sure you have a wonderful holiday season!

Buying refurbished can be a smart choice if consumers do their homework, buy from reliable vendors, and avoid problematic items.

Earn play of the game with our new fashion collection inspired by the heroes from Blizzard’s hit game Overwatch. Select your hero in stores and online now! S...

Out of ideas for the Portlander on your list? Try grabbing a gift card to Powell's, OMSI or another local joint.