Bakeries in Portland, OR - Washington County

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Bob's Red Mill

Health Food Products Wholesale & Retail in Portland, OR

5000 Se International Way

Portland, OR

(503) 607-6455

The Decorette Shop

Cake & Candy Decorating Equipment & Supplies in Creston-Kenilworth, Portland

5338 Se Foster Rd

Creston-Kenilworth Portland, OR

(503) 774-3760

Franz Fmly Bkrs Strk St

Bakeries in Centennial, Portland

14510 Se Stark St

Centennial Portland, OR

(503) 254-5476

The Cakery

Bakeries in Hillsdale, Portland

6306 Sw Capitol Hwy

Hillsdale Portland, OR

(503) 206-7804

Delphina's Bakery

Bakeries in Cully, Portland

4636 NE 42nd Ave

Cully Portland, OR

(503) 221-1829

Pie Sport

Bakeries in Kerns, Portland

521 NE 24th Ave

Kerns Portland, OR

(503) 913-5103

Thanh-Long Bakery & Rest

Bar, Bar, Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants
Seafood Restaurants in Downtown, Portland

635 Sw College St

Downtown Portland, OR

(503) 223-1660

Portland Bakery Delivery

Bakeries in Hazelwood, Portland

530 NE 118th Ave

Hazelwood Portland, OR

(503) 841-6983

Franz Fmly Bkrs Harney

Bakeries in Brentwood-Darlington, Portland

8440 Se 45th Ave

Brentwood-Darlington Portland, OR

(503) 774-2699

Kung Fu Bakery Recordings

Bakeries in Richmond, Portland

2505 Se 36th Ave

Richmond Portland, OR

(503) 239-4939

Rivers Edge Catering

Caterers Food Services in Downtown, Portland

200 Sw Market St Ste L102

Downtown Portland, OR

(503) 761-0314

Helen Bernhard Bakery

Cookies, Breads, Cupcakes, Wedding Cakes
Bakeries in Irvington, Portland

1717 NE Broadway St

Irvington Portland, OR

(503) 287-1251

Farina Bakery

Bakeries in Hosford, Portland

1852 Se Hawthorne Blvd

Hosford Portland, OR

(971) 279-5939

Binh Minh Bakery & Deli

Bakeries in Madison South, Portland

6812 NE Broadway

Madison South Portland, OR

(503) 257-3868

Sweetest Thing Cupcakes

Bakeries in Portland, OR

7401 SW Bridgeport Rd

Portland, OR

(503) 431-2151

Dream Cakes

Bakeries in Kerns, Portland

2450 NE Sandy Blvd

Kerns Portland, OR

(503) 206-4148


Bagels in Northwest, Portland

Pearl Bakery Inc

Cookies, Breads, Breakfast Pastries, Cupcakes
Bakeries in Pearl District, Portland

102 Nw 9th Ave

Pearl District Portland, OR

(503) 827-0910


Stores Tigard Grocery Grocery Stores & Supermarkets in Portland, OR

15570 SW Pacific Hwy

Portland, OR

(503) 598-6001

Paradise Bakery & Cafe

Cafe Restaurants in Lloyd, Portland

2304 Lloyd Ctr

Lloyd Portland, OR

(503) 335-3370

La Original Bakery

Bakers in Portland, OR

14345 SW Pacific Hwy

Portland, OR

(503) 443-2345

Teeny Foods

Breads, Bakeries Wholesale
Bakeries in Portland, OR

3434 NE 170th Pl

Portland, OR

(503) 252-3006


Powell Villa Store Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt in Powellhurst, Portland

3506 Se 122nd Ave

Powellhurst Portland, OR

(503) 761-0539

Sweetness Bakery & Cafe

Beverage Stores in Foster Powell, Portland

3524 SE 52Nd Ave

Foster Powell Portland, OR

(503) 788-2177

Saint Barbara Pinoy Bakery

Bakeries in Homestead, Portland

2311 Sw 6th Ave

Homestead Portland, OR

(503) 444-7170

Lovejoy Bakers Inc

Bakeries in Pearl District, Portland

939 Nw 10th Ave

Pearl District Portland, OR

(503) 208-3113

Neumann German Bakery

Bakeries in Parkrose, Portland

10534 NE Sandy Blvd

Parkrose Portland, OR

(503) 252-1881

Panaderia Cinco DE Mayo Inc

Bakeries in Portland, OR

17419 Se Mcloughlin Blvd

Portland, OR

(503) 654-8339

Black Sheep Bakery Inc

Bakeries in Kerns, Portland

523 NE 19th Ave

Kerns Portland, OR

(503) 235-1419