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“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it.” Albus Dumbledore via J.K. Rowling I have been a lover of language and wielder of words (and advocate of alliteration … oof) my entire life....

Enter to win 4 tickets for "Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed: The Rock Experience" from Oregon Children's Theater. From three-time Caldecott Honoree Mo Willems, this cheeky musical shows that individualism can, and should, be worn proudly!

Closing the gap between the digital expectations of healthcare consumers and the capabilities of payers and providers is becoming a must win battle in healthcare.

Analise Cleopatra is living proof that sometimes the things that you are seeking may take you on another path. I first learned about Analise through a reality show on YouTube called Lace Up: The...

The Game Engine Black Book: DOOM is now available for purchase. It is being released exactly 25 years after DOOM.zip was first published on the University of Wisconsin FTP server in December 1993. You can get it at the following locations
- Google Books ( here with no DRM).
- Gift what you want here , High-Res PDF is here .
From November 2017 to November 2018, it took one year to complete. Both John Carmack and Dave Taylor kindly wrote forewords. The…

As policymakers, builders, and the market work to solve the housing supply issues, a key question everybody asks is what type of housing do we need? Aren’t millennials always going to be rent…

This holiday season is a perfect excuse to fill a young one's imagination with the works of local artists. Quite a few lovely offerings that...

Yesterday was hard. Deep breathing. Fear. Uncertainty. Today some relief from the fear and confusion, as the difficulty my kids were experiencing shifted eno...

Veganism is the belief that animals are not here FOR us. They are here WITH us. We are morally challenged with the responsibility to use our voice to STOP CRUELTY where we see it. Cruelty to animals, PEOPLE and our planet. USING and abusing animals, people or the planet is wrong and selfish. Veganism can begin to reverse that. Vegansim is an attempt to be as COMPASSIONATE as possible. It's not about perfection, purity or being better-than. It's about GIVING A DAMN and…

“Tenant power” signs renters carried at city hall proved accurate Dec. 4 as their lobbying efforts helped convince council to unanimously adopt key parts of COPE Coun. Jean Swanson’s motion aimed . . .

You have heard of the #MeToo movement. But have you heard of the #MenToo movement? Little is known about male trauma and Dr. Debra Warner explains that men a...

I remember reading through pieces on the Portland Trail Blazers a few weeks ago while I was working on another project and came across a notable quote from Damian Lillard about forward Al-Farouq Aminu, per The Ringer’s Paolo Uggetti. It wasn’t anything that immediately grabbed my...

Patty Hansen truly loves helping students connect with the text.

A gas odor off of Dothan Road three weeks ago forced a Columbia daycare to evacuate and sent one staff member to the hospital.
While crews are continuing to fix the problem, News 19's Nic Jones explains how it's affecting the community.

Flynn pleaded guilty last year to lying to federal investigators about the contents of his conversations with Sergey Kislyak, then Russia's ambassador to the U.S.

Save-On-Foods Memorial Arena, Victoria, B.C.– Tuesday, December 11th
Tuesday night did not go the Hawks way, as they lost 7-4 in Victoria to end their four game winning streak
Four minutes into the game, Cross Hanas skated from his own blueline and danced around the Royals’ defense. The Texas native caught Griffen Outhouse looking as he wrapped it around the net for his fourth goal of the season and was recognized as the WHL’s Highlight of the Night. At the midway point of…

The crown replacement and cavity fill left me all agog! All done in one sitting in 2 1/2 hours. Dr. Shao was professionalism personified as were all the other technicians. It was truly wonderful to see how all the office staff interacted and pitched in where needed, especially Renee, the receptionist. A very pleasant afternoon.

After weeks of searching, officers announced they discovered the man inside a wrecked vehicle.

Richland County Sheriff's Department seeks help in identifying suspect in Dec. 3 robbery

Asheville-based taco shop in The Mills on Whaley Street in Columbia's Olympia neighborhood to close

Two Five Points businesses -- Publico Kitchen & Tap and Upstairs Audio -- requested variances from the City of Columbia Zoning Board.

Columbia will lose a unique restaurant when White Duck Taco Shop closes in a couple of weeks.
The business opened at the Mills on Whaley Streedt 3 years ago.
The Store owner says their last day in business will be Sunday December 23.

Pharrell Williams debuts some Crazy BYW X heat while in China. Grab a first look at the Pharrell x adidas Crazy BYW X.

Expect some changes to 2 Five Points businesses after the first of the year.The small parking lot by Upstairs Audio will be closed off on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. The owner plans to allow a food truck or cart use the space.

In this series, NerdWallet interviews people who have triumphed over debt using a combination of commitment, budgeting and smart financial choices. Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Graduating…

Trump appears to be prepared to shut the government down if Congress does not approve his request for $5 billion to build the border wall in the year-end budget.

Deputies say the masked gunman robbed a business on Five Chop Road at gunpoint, then fled the scene in a Dodge with a 20-year-old woman and her 8-month-old child in the back,