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Wax On is the premier wax and waxing spa for Seattle, Portland, and Boulder. Home of the Brazilian wax for Seattle, Portland, and Boulder.

E-40 announces his new 'The Gift of Gab' album to fans and reveals the official release date and cover art for the forthcoming project.

Functional programming languages automate many of the details underlying specific operations.

We've got the advice and inspiration to make your weekend—and all of your long weekends—the greatest of all time.

The company which is to develop a detailed design for Anaklia Deep Sea Port has been revealed. BergerABAM, one of the leading design and construction management companies in the world, has won the international tender
Anaklia Development Consortium (ADC) named BergerABAM after announcing an international tender on drafting a detailed design. The top 20 global companies participated in the tender. One of the best offers was…

Here’s what the Netflix documentary about Bhagwan and the Rajneeshees left out.

Throughout his peerless run as leader of post-punk legends Talking Heads and a lengthy solo career, David Byrne’s gaze at the state of the world has remained firm over the past four decades: suspicious, bemused, and more than a little curious about how we got here. That’s been the core of his best work, like 1981’s My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, his cut-up masterpiece with Brian Eno; 1986’s True Stories, his cinematic ode...

Three years in, ColdFire Brewing from Eugene is excited to release beers from its barrel-aged program. It’s first release in 500mL bottles is The Cellar Muse, described as a highly drinkable, Belgian-style farmhouse ale that incorporates apricots. The Cellar Muse was released yesterday at the brewery in Eugene. This marks the second barrel-aged beer seeing…

We won’t rest until every school in our state provides a safe learning environment for LGBTQ students.

Babylon 5's Midnight on the Firing Line kicks off our Summer TV binge of this seminal sci-fi TV show, just in time for its reappearance on Prime.

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This post is sponsored by Torani. Thank you for supporting SITC! Downtime for this mama is a little scarce these days. I try to make time for me as much as possible but it is difficult to schedule much needed mama time in between school, kids activities and work. I like to...

Today, we are excited to announce VMware Pulse IoT Center v1.1 – the latest version of our IoT device management and monitoring solution. VMware Pulse IoT Center is a secure, enterprise grade, IoT device management and monitoring solution that helps both Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) organizations to onboard, manage, monitor and

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars takes four episodes to lay out a tale of betrayal, selfishness, and brotherhood in Darkness on Umbara, The General, Plan of Dissent, and Carnage of Krell.

Listen to the entire The Family Swan album by Mecca Normal here. Subscribe to Kill Rock Stars for more great music!

A new study shows that despite progress, many couples are still turned away or mistreated by wedding vendors.

“Having a medical cannabis dispensary open on Kauai expands options for registered patients and their caregivers, providing greater access to meet … Read More…

We talked to writers Chad Bowers & Chris Sims about their contribution to Marvel's summer event: Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk!

A New York writer on her undying zeal for riotous design. Here’s why it never went out of style—and never will.

The hemp plant has many modern-day makes use of, reminiscent of creating organic lotion, hemp seed food items (such as flour, bread, cookies, etc.), and even clothing! One majorly innovative product created from the hemp plant is hemp wick! Smokers internationally can agree hemp wick will surely change your life and the way you smoke…

Small businesses don't need to break the bank to gain big data intelligence.

What sets Forest for the Trees apart from Portland’s other public art is a grassroots ethos and an emphasis on contemporary work rather than community- or historic-based subject matter. The festival stands out as a prime example of international mural festivals. It’s a trend sweeping the world, which sees painters trading studios for city walls — taking inspiration from graffiti, street art and pop art.