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There's plenty of advice out there about how to increase your average order value, but what if you want to increase it specifically to cover the cost of shipping?In that case, you'll have to be a bit more strategic about how you go about bumping up your order value, and the tactics you use. Here are four that could fit, while still leaving you enough margin to turn a profit.

Why do your customers buy from you?It’s a simple question. What motivates people to choose you, to choose your products over the hundreds of alternatives? What makes your company, and your products, better than the rest?The answer: your value proposition.

What sites are referring traffic to your store? Where in the world are your visitors? How did your Black Friday Cyber Monday marketing campaign perform last year? What products are people searching for most?You have a lot of questions about your business, your customers and your marketing efforts.Fortunately, answers to many of those questions are in your Shopify reports and analytics.

Black Friday Cyber Monday shoppers are unique in that many of them will buy your products without knowing a thing about your brand. This means they might forget about your business entirely if you don’t make an effort to keep them interested.Turning Black Friday Cyber Monday shoppers into repeat customers can have an enormous impact on the success of your business. Over time, they’ll cost less, buy more, and even develop a real connection with your business. Now that BFCM is upon us…

From healthcare to energy to manufacturing, discover the industries being rewritten as a result of the biggest behavioral shift in history.

Matt Vaile and Brian Waters, Shopify’s in-house environmental designers, dish on how to turn a blank canvas into a pop-up masterpiece.

Do you know what you’re going to post on Facebook tomorrow? How about next week?Planning out your business’ content in advance is a key part of building a social media strategy that actually works. Unfortunately, for many business owners, content planning often gets pushed to the backburner.To help you get organized, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to building a content calendar that engages, delights, and grows your audience.

Ecommerce design involves more than just how a website looks—it considers how it works and the flow from one place to the next, how it tells a story and the mood it evokes. Ecommerce website design cares about the marriage between form (true-to-brand visual decisions) and function (a simple-to-navigate experience)
We spoke to 15 industry experts including designers, photographers, Shopify Experts, merchants, and the talented design…

Most people know what it’s like to be up 4 hours and 2 cups of coffee after 12 AM—burning the midnight oil because “sleep is for the weak”
Some of us are night owls who believe we’re nocturnal by nature, that we reach our peak levels of productivity at those hours when no one else is awake.
Others just have trouble sleeping at night, so they choose to do something more valuable with their time than stare up at a ceiling—whether it’s working…

Small towns exist in snow globes, as time capsules of a simple, forgotten way of life, perfectly preserved and fiercely dedicated to “the way things always were”. At their cores are the original moms and pops: the proprietors of local hardware stores and salons and arcades – people you know on a nickname basis
One such town is Almonte, Ontario, Canada, population 5000. Like a lot…

Offers, coupons, discounts and deals. There will come a time when most online merchants will be faced with the decision of whether to offer discounts, when to offer discounts and how much should the discounts be worth
Offering discounts for your online store can be a powerful weapon in your conversion arsenal, however, used haphazardly, and you can do significant damage to your brand or worse, become unprofitable.
In this post, we'll review some of the pros and cons of offering deals for…

The superheroes have cornered the market on multi-tasking. A newspaper photographer by day becomes a flying strongman by night. A millionaire playboy moonlights as a crime-fighting rodent. And they still find time to squabble with each other
Multitasking gets a bad rap these days, as the kryptonite to mindfulness, but for working moms it’s their lifeblood
Batman v Supermom? Place your bets, folks. My money’s on…