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The start of a new year is a great time for changing up our routines. Where better to start than with lunch? Here are over 50 Healthy Work Lunchbox Ideas

There’s something to be said for people destined to do good in the world based on their life experiences and mission.That’s the case for entrepreneur and fashion activist Kim Smiley, the Toronto-based designer whose jewelry collection is not only beautiful, but positively impacts the world as well — thanks to her mission-driven brand.Kim Smiley’s eponymous handcrafted line of lace and Swarovski crystal-embellished cuffs, earrings, necklaces, and rings are made with love, but her “why” goes be...

Onsite clinics continue to gain in popularity, but are they the right fit for your company? Learn more about onsites and how they benefit your workforce.

Watching someone you know struggle with mental health issues is tough and often times can make you feel helpless. You know therapy could be helpful, but don't know how to approach the topic without possibly angering or offending the person. Jennifer Hurst, behavioral health clinician at Day One, a program of Oakland Family Services, shares some helpful hints for reaching out to others when they may not be able to reach out to you
Preschoolers celebrate end of school year at picnics

I ate a poppy seed bagel this morning for breakfast…is my drug test going to show up positive for opioid use? We answer this and other drug testing myths.

When Sydney was 13 years old, a complicated surgery was looming in her future. She soon would be traveling to the Cleveland Clinic, where doctors would surgically slide a bar through her ribs to fix her curved sternum, which was pushing backward into her esophagus and heart
Sponsors help make Building a Brighter Future Breakfast a success
More than 300 people gathered at the 6th annual Building a Brighter Future Breakfast May 1 to hear firsthand how Oakland Family Services is changing people's…

Did you know hearing more words during the first year of his or her life can help your baby do well in school? During those early years, brain connections are formed that affect your child’s learning and speech development. "When we are born, our brains have millions of cells that transmit inf

As a brick-and-mortar retailer, the cost of staying “open for business” is much higher than for online-only merchants. And while staying open 24/7 might initially sound like a good way to boost sales, it may not always help the bottom line. You have staffing, operating, and other associated expenses with keeping the doors open.But that doesn’t mean that once you flip the sign from “open” to “closed” that you have to stop generating revenue. In fact, there are ways that other retailers have…

‘We want online stores to be successful in retail stores and we want more retail stores be able to grow online’

Blue light makes the brain think it's time to wake up, just as you're getting ready for bed.