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You see the phrase “food safety” everywhere, but what does it really mean? Ask yourself a few questions before buying your produce from a vendor:

Love is in the Air, no other emotion or activity brings more pleasure or pain at the same time, . Most songs out there, along with most novels and motion pictures are centered around the matters of the heart.

Coveted, in demand, and glowing like a ray of sunshine…. Carey Hinrichs, our very own OFRA spokeswoman, will be back on HSN’s Beauty Report tomorrow, September 19th at 9 pm EST. Sit back, grab a snack and watch how Carey uses our Boho Palette LIVE. An expert on all things beauty, Carey will be showing us how to go from bare to fresh-faced glam. Amy Morrison, host of Beauty Report will be hanging out as well, learning all of our OFRA…

The CNN host tore into the president's son for fueling conspiracy theorists.

1-10g and 3-4g Have an unquenchable need for glow? Glaze those cheeks and everything else with our NEW format highlighter palette. With a full-size Beverly Hills, and Minis of Rodeo Drive, Blissful, and Star Island, your glow goals will hit ultralight with these smooth, beaming, and shook-inducing highlighters. Hit pan

'We think of Hitler and Stalin as super villains. But they’re not, they could only come to power with some form of consent,' says Professor Timothy Snyder

Here at OFRA, we’re all about that glow, and there’s no doubt that our OFRA Beauties are too! With the restock of our Glow Up Highlighter Palette, it’s no wonder that this is our best seller of the week. Check out our top 5 below for all your highlighting needs that everyone is loving
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Tint World® is all you need for boat window tinting, marine detailing, custom graphics, and anything else you might need on the high seas.

Compustar’s Remote Start is controlled via Radio Frequency (RF), which can be installed in your vehicle by Tint World®’s car alarm security installation team. Remote Start can allow you to preheat or cool the vehicle before even entering the vehicle. Once activated, by pushing a button on your keychain remote, it starts the vehicle automatically for a pre-determined time
Window Automation System
Roll your windows up…

From rear-view cameras to car security, we can help you navigate a dangerous world. Tint World® can outfit and accessorize the car of your dreams, and we can also help keep you and your family safe. All new cars, for instance, need to be equipped with rear-view cameras starting this spring, but if you have … Continued

Why is asparagus sometimes thin (pencil) and sometimes fat (jumbo) — is one a baby version of the other? AND which one is most tender? We reveal all in the n...