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The orange-fronted parakeet, known locally as the kākāriki karaka, is in the midst of a prolonged mating season due to a beech seed boon. So far, more than 150 chicks have been born in the baby boom.

The world is ready to finally see the secrets hidden inside Area 51. And if one of those secrets happens to be living aliens, well, we have good news -- they'll be greeted with free cans of Bud Light.

I just entered for a chance to win an unforgettable Canadian getaway with Marriott Bonvoy. Enter now for a chance to win! marriottbonvoycanada.dja.com?ln=en&ref=5d30dec61371b52d292e2342

Our national nightmare will end when white Americans decide they can no longer tolerate Trump's racist behavior

Democrats on Thursday took aim at the department's actions under the Trump administration.

Presenter: Greg Sanker, CIO, Author, speaker, and practitioner with over 30 years of global IT experience
Every organization makes changes on a daily basis, and every change has the potential to go wrong and potentially do great harm to the business. How do you balance the need to manage risk, without slowing everything to a grinding halt to go to CAB
Thankfully, ITIL4 has some great news, and this webinar will get you up to speed on Change Control.
What’s in it for…

“Now the Lord was gracious to Sarah as he had said, and the Lord did for Sarah what he had promised.”—Genesis 21:1 (NIV)
There are very few things in this world that you can truly

A Colombian man trying to sneak more than a pound of the drug into Spain was caught with the package (poorly) hidden under his fake hair, a police official told NPR.

★★★★★ This company is always available to come out and repair or install a unit. Every time I've called they have either come out right away or within a timely manner. They do great work.

DIY home décor is always popular here. The simple and easy decorating projects will not cost you a lot, but a little creativity can make your home refreshing and interesting. We gathered this smart collection of home decor ideas for you, they are borderline genius! Try this one: have you ever thought that tape, origami or toilet […]

PITTSBURGH--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Alcoa Corporation (NYSE: AA), a global leader in bauxite, alumina, and aluminum products, today reported second quarter 2019 results that include several actions to improve the Aluminum segment’s portfolio and further strengthen the Company.

Woeful second quarter numbers propped up by the single $2.2 billion sale of the 30 Hudson Yards office condo.

The ground-up development will include 200,000 s/f of Class-A commercial space and 11,000 s/fof outdoor space, including a rooftop spanning the block.

Employees are the fundamental cornerstone of any business. However, if employee-related issues are not properly handled, they create enormous liability for your organization. This, along with many …

People in Boston poured buckets of ice water over themselves and got drenched during an event to mark the fifth anniversary of the Ice Bucket Challenge, a viral activity aimed to raise money for research into the ALS disease, on Monday. /VCG Photo

Seven New York landlords have joined the Rent Stabilization Association and Community Home Improvement Program to sue over regulations they claim are ‟unconstitutional.”

What is an ITIL Expert? An evangelist? Champion? Coach? D. All of the Above.

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