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11/20 Miami Arena 7:30pm Heat vs. Brooklyn Nets
11/23 BB&T 8pm: Elton John
11/24 Miami Arena 8pm: Elton John
11/24 BB&T 7pm: Panthers vs. Chicago Blackhawks
11/24 Hard Rock Stadium 3:30pm: Panthers vs. Hurricanes
11/26 Kravis Center 8pm: Black Violin
11/27 Miami Arena 7:30pm: Heat vs. Atlanta Hawks
11/29 Miami Arena 8pm: Fonseca

The high frequency of turnover in the White House could be costing millions.

The submarine ARA San Juan had a seven-day supply of air when it last reported its position on Nov. 15, 2017.

The Elements Way may sound like it’s about us, but it’s really about you. The Elements Way was created with one goal in mind: to give you, the client, the best and most personalized massage you have ever had.

Check out our amazing catering options. A perfect choice for your next office lunch or get together.

Tour our 80,000+ sq ft. UHP Lamp factory and distributions center located just minutes from the the US / Mexico border.

Working hard can be exhilarating and rewarding. But go-getters might find it difficult to tune out work when it’s time to take a break. Any time I take a few days off I spend the first day or so with that tension-in-your-chest-must-breathe-deeply feeling that comes up when you arrive for a busy day of work. …

We have a lot of numbers to focus on when managing our money: retirement accounts, bank accounts, debt-related accounts. This can provide great guidance — or be very overwhelming. It’s hard to know which numbers to prioritize as most important. While each is significant, one stands out above the rest and should be the guiding …

Aesthetically, a great pool design is left up to person taste and preference. This is certainly an important component as we want to ensure that your final product is a gorgeous swimming pool that you love looking at! At Treasure Pools, our first step is to have one of our specialized team members sit down …

It can be a struggle to get kids to brush their teeth, but early life is the time to build good dental-care habits to help keep kids’ teeth healthy, experts say. Even though those baby teeth will fall out, poor dental hygiene early can cause long-term problems. Close to half of children ages 2-19 get …

With more than 175 locations nationwide Elements Massage helps deliver a unique massage therapy experience that is convenient for you. Find a location near you today!

Own the Xbox One X Fallout 76 Bundle, which includes a full-game download of Fallout 76, the prequel to the award-winning RPG series from Bethesda Game Studios.

Virtual Reality has become almost too real. But from early steps forward in video gaming technology to educational, healthcare and …

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Whether you need window tinting, decorative films, or protective coatings, Tint World® offers the best in service and installation
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When it comes to window tinting, decorative films, and protective coatings, Tint World® is your number one choice for expert service and installation
Take advantage of year-round product and service specials from Tint World® and use towards your next visit.
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Formula 1 has a number of young stars coming through its ranks at the moment. The likes of Charles Leclerc, Pierre Gasly, Esteban Ocon and George Russell are all products of teams’ junior programmes, put in place to nurture upcoming talent and allow them to reach their full potential.

KL Polish is one of the hottest new brands of 2017. Our polishes are non-chip, long-lasting, super-pigmented, 12-free, cruelty-free, and made in the USA!

High-tech innovations that help us take care of our health are pretty common these days. Think wearable fitness trackers that sync with data-driven apps. But did you know there are also tech tools to help you take better care of your teeth? Advances in technology have made dental care more effective and convenient — and …

We are two sophomores studying local owner-operated businesses and measuring which variables make certain companies in the service industry successful over the long term. We want to understand what factors breed loyal clientele. But we need your help! And...when you help us, we will help you. BPL has agreed to give you 5% OFF the next service you book in exchange for answering some quick and…

Compustar’s Remote Start is controlled via Radio Frequency (RF), which can be installed in your vehicle by Tint World®’s car alarm security installation team. Remote Start can allow you to preheat or cool the vehicle before even entering the vehicle. Once activated, by pushing a button on your keychain remote, it starts the vehicle automatically for a pre-determined time
Window Automation System
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Cool weather, trick-or-treats and pumpkin spice lattes are great reasons to look forward to fall. But there’s another important annual event that typically comes after summer: open enrollment at work. It’s a limited period when you’re allowed to sign up for or change your employee benefits, such as health insurance or a retirement plan. It’s …

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Professionally owned and operated - Tint World Midland, Texas can handle all your automotive styling needs. This store can do it all! Window tinting, detaili...