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Among other white supremacist views, the congressman refused to apologize for promoting a neo-Nazi on Twitter. Republicans continue to look the other way.

In less than a month, the group has raised $260,000 and has reunited six moms with 12 children.

Fluidra S.A., a Spanish listed multinational group serving the residential and commercial pool and wellness sector, and Zodiac Pool Solutions, a manufacturer of residential pool equipment and connected pool systems, have closed their merger.

Ahoy! The Land of Ooo is underwater and it’s up to Finn and Jake to find out why. Join our heroes as they explore the high seas, search for hidden clues, interrogate shady suspects and fight pirates to solve the mystery and save their waterlogged world!

Niantic — the company behind Pokémon GO — is back at it with another acquisition. After acquiring Escher Reality back in February and Matrix Mill back in June, this morning the company announced it’s acquiring Seismic Games. Seismic Games is probably best known for its work on Marvel: Strike …

Chronic back pain is among the most common reasons people see the doctor. Now, a new study finds that massage is an effective treatment for lower back pain — with benefits lasting six months or longer.

The Elements Way may sound like it’s about us, but it’s really about you. The Elements Way was created with one goal in mind: to give you, the client, the best and most personalized massage you have ever had.

To protect yourself, your family, and friends from foodborne illness during warm weather months, safe food handling when eating outdoors is critical.

You know that feeling you get when someone really knows you?  You don’t have to explain, you don’t have to provide endless background information, and you can just enjoy the relationship that you’ve established.  It’s pretty great, right?  We think so, too.  In fact, that concept was a huge part in the development of our Wellness...

OFRA Cosmetics is all about perfecting beauty so you look as good as you feel. After over 20 years behind the scenes in the beauty industry, our identity is evolving from being a supplier for professionals to your favorite go-to beauty brand for quality cosmetics. Blinding Highlighters, Showstopping Liquid Lipsticks.

National Automotive Styling Centers™ franchise has opened their first Louisiana franchise in New Orleans, fusing tinting and auto customization with classic and antique restoration