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Myriam Sidibe is a warrior in the fight against childhood disease. Her weapon of choice? A bar of soap. For cost-effective prevention against sickness, it’s hard to beat soapy hand-washing, which cuts down risk of pneumonia, diarrhea, cholera and worse. Sidibe, a public-health expert, makes a smart case for public-private partnerships to promote clean hands — and local, sustainable entrepreneurship.

Many factors come into play when you contemplate dropping a course. March 28 th is the last day to withdraw from a class without receiving...

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18 Jul 2017
Farming real estate areas to generate listings is as old as real estate sales. For all of that time, direct mail of real estate postcards has been a very effective strategy for listing lead generation. Are you struggling with marketing budget decisions, especially when you’ve been transitioning to online marketing? What works best for the money invested? How do I get more out of my real estate postcards marketing
One thing we’ve learned is that measuring results in the online…

13 Jul 2017
Do you have a social media marketing strategy? If you do not, but if you’re active personally on social sites, you probably aren’t anti-social. However, you are throwing away a whole lot of potential commission income. If you’re not doing any business posting on social sites, you’re business anti-social
Oh, so you are posting about your business on Facebook? Great, but where are you posting on that site? If it’s in your personal profile, it’s kind of like getting together…

Don't Let Diabetes Define You
Get the tools you need to help keep your diabetes under control. By enrolling in wellness+ for Diabetes, enjoy exclusive members-only benefits for managing your diabetes, including
Access to diabetes specialists online or over the phone.* To reach a diabetes specialist by phone, dial 1-800-RITE AID and follow the prompts to be transferred to a Rite Aid Pharmacist. Hearing or speech…

Sergio Garcia hosts as Spain, France and Denmark try to break the Guinness World Records title for the Fastest hole of golf by a team of four. Filmed on the ...

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Hollywood Boulevard it's not, but the Rite Aid on Main Street in Butler is an exciting stop for 5-year-old Adeline Hills of Washington Township. She's famous.