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Made-in-the-USA retailer American Apparel filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection early Monday after its latest turnaround plan flopped.

A new study shows that business travelers prefer ride-hailing apps over taxis, rental cars.

These gems unspoiled by the cruising throngs are terrific holdouts of authentic island life.

Alice, the hotel services app, has little research into how long guest should wait for a response from hotel staff tocommunications via various channels.

Americans work hard. But not all american's work equally as hard. We looked at data to find the hardest-working cities in america and discovered some...

High-tech homes are about to revolutionize the way we live. While interior design once relied on color schemes and playful accents, new tech trends are..

Think air travel's getting worse? Here comes technology, smarter seats and inflight cocoons to make it better

Includes: basic summer heat safety tips, additional tips for elderly persons, recognizing heat-related health problems, and learn more to stay safe.

In August 2016, the National Park Service celebrates their 100th year of managing the United States’ system of beautiful national parks. So what’s a better way to celebrate 100 years of…

Love is a wonderful thing, and being close with your partner is a must if you want a successful relationship, but sometimes a couple is way too close —

The U.S. real estate industry generates more than 20 percent of America’s GDP, employs more than 9 million people, and produces nearly two-thirds of the taxes raised by local governments for essential public services.

Register today! It's Christmas in July and that means that it's time to announce the 2016 A Christmas Story Run medal & the...

At 14, Brandon Boynton considered killing himself. Here's how empowering other victims of bullying through his software startup turned the teen founder's life around.

We’ve seen an increase in the number of Millennials (those born after 1980) investing in real estate. This has some of us wondering, why and how?
It also has many of us exploring the channels that enable Millennials to invest and the new resulting opportunities for all players in the real estate

With nearly 43 million travelers, this year is expected to mark the busiest Independence Day travel weekend on record, according to AAA.

ORLANDO, Fla. (April 21, 2016) – As families across the country eagerly await the end of school and the beginning of summer, millions of Americans are making plans to travel with loved ones this year.