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It is no secret that a Texas summer is intense. Learn how to cool down your garage this summer. Call Action Garage Door at 817-310-8803 today!

Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, died Thursday. Here's what we know about her funeral services.

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President Donald Trump again complains about Robert Mueller and the Russia investigation. His claims about Paul Manafort have been all over the map, from barely knowing him to full support.

President Donald Trump blames D.C. government for delay of military parade and says he will attend other events instead. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser says city's estimate was only $21.6 million and rejects Trump's claim.

The jury in the tax and bank fraud trial of Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman, broke for the weekend without reaching a verdict.

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With four Olympic gold medals already, Simone Biles upping the ante before Tokyo Games. Even the U.S. team coordinator says no one can touch her.

The Harry Potter franchise may be best known for its timeless depictions of friendship, bravery, and family in times of darkest turmoil - and oh yeah, a little thing called magic. But, amidst the heroes, there are some truly nasty characters who we remember less than fondly. Here are the top nine villains in Harry Potter history. And before you @ me, Snape is an anti-hero
9. Professor Quirrell
P-p-p-poor, stuttering, Professor Quirrell was weak, and wanted power. We’ve all been there. But…

learn how to achieve high light load efficiency with a dc/dc converter via pulse frequency modulation

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TI offers a rich family of stepper motor driver solutions with industry standard step and direction and parallel control interfaces. Advanced current control and micro-stepping schemes, along with a broad voltage and current coverage, deliver ultra smooth motion profiles.

Panelist: Dave McCurdy
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Panelist: Timothy Moran
CFO and General Counsel of DGI Supply
The Big 50 List is the most challenging and prideful piece of content we produce every year here at Industrial Distribution. Challenging because the definition of what an industrial distributor is becomes increasingly harder to nail down as the market evolves, and rewarding because we know the list serves as…

Like many other industries, warehousing is being completely transformed by advances in technolog...

Learn how your small business can offer online pickup in store and compete with the large chain stores that customers already shop and buy online.

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Your field salesperson: “Ms. Customer, do you have a favorite inside sales contact at my company?”
Ms. Customer: “Yes. Biff.”
Ms. Customer: “Because he gives me better prices than anyone else at your company.”
Uh-oh. A lot to unravel here. Easy money is leaking out of your business
It is not unusual for your customers to shop around to get the best price. Particularly for near-commodities. But are they price-shopping among your employees, within your company? How can…

In this webinar recording, we covered some of the best practices in order to secure the most crucial component in a VoIP environment. Watch this video to lea...

This blog will explore the pros and cons of cyber insurance as well as what to look for if you decide that insurance is right for your business.

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Manufacturing technology orders capped the first half of the year with another strong month in June, gaining 5 percent compared to June 2017 and bringing the annual growth rate to 22 percent for 2018. The latest U.S. Manufacturing Technology Orders Report from the Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT) showed that orders totaled $417 million for the month, down 14 percent compared…