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It started over many lunch hour conversations. Fueled by casual office banter and too much caffeine, an idea was formed to create a TunnelBear puppet, just for fun, for our entertainment and yours. Restrictions? It had to be adorable, relatively on brand, and not cost too much money to make.

This paper will give insight in how simple investment of equipment in the right place at the right time could potential save lives and significant money

Cardi B feels strongly about the government shutdown and Trump's border wall. So she wasn't having any of it when Fox Nation's Tomi Lahren mocked her.

Left stranded at the airport. Called horrendous after becoming IU's all-time leading scorer. You can't make this stuff up.

Next week, construction will begin on a new six-story building in Legacy West. The building will contain 87,000 square feet of office space and 24,000 square feet of ground-floor retail. It will join the likes of Liberty Mutual, Whitley Penn, and WeWork, who have also set up shop in Legacy West. The announcement of the […]

In the blue morning light, Elsie Holdbrook sits at the bedside of a dying woman and watches over her. Family members crowd the kitchen and the fridge is stuffed with meals from well-wishers. They fill the house from time to time, which is usually only this crowded on holidays. The woman hasn’t slept in her […]

Paxton Lynch lasted just two years with the Denver Broncos after being selected with the No. 26 pick in the 2016 NFL draft.

First rule of living in Texas: always refer to highways, expressways and parkways by their number, not their names. Second rule: avoid 75 at all costs. Every DFW resident dreads driving on Central Expressway, better known as 75, especially during rush hours. 75 is congested, always under construction, and with DFW’s population projected to grow […]

January 17, 1996 Paul Butler and Geoffrey Marcy announced to the American Astronomical Society that they had discovered two new planets using an unconventional computer technique to analyze the movement of stars. Since that time, thanks in part to their use of computer technology, Butler and Marcy have become known as “the world’s most successful…

The results are in, and with titles ranging from sequels to fresh-faced IPs, these were the top 10 best selling PS4 games of 2018.

Creators have been increasingly taking legal action against Epic Games for use of Fortnite dances, calling them unfair & uncredited use of their moves.

Buttons have so many uses! They are the absolute best tool for marketing and promoting a business or event, raising funds for or bringing awareness to your cause, rewarding the deserving, bringing people together by starting conversations and the very best use of all - just making people smile! One up and coming star

We believe every agency should have OSCR. This infographic will show you over 15 different ways to fund your OSCR360, including: first in state discounts, group purchase discounts,

Case study featuring a Price Displacement Ventilation System in San Francisco International Airport's Terminal 2 (SFO T2). Custom displacement diffusers were...

Which findings regularly come out of a Red Team test? In this blog post, we take a look at some of the key vulnerabilities identified from Red Team engagements.

Stats released by Superdata Research today shows Fortnite sitting atop both YouTube and Twitch viewership rankings for the month of December.

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Now that the New Year is upon us, we thought it’d be nice to look back at 2018 and recognize some of the outstanding businesses in Plano this past...

No matter what industry you serve, we all have pet peeves within that space. Can you guess what my irritation is with the professional photographers? Drumroll, please . . . those who use headshots ...

About 34,000 teachers in Los Angeles went on strike Monday in a driving rain, throwing the nation’s second-largest school district into chaos.

Case study of how Surrey Ambulance Service introduced the ELK, one of Mangar Health’s Emergency Lifting Cushions, across their entire fleet.

demonstration of an ev traction inverter powered by c2000™ real-time control mcus

OSCR360 is purpose built for Arson Investigation. Meet your new partner. Learn how OSCR360 assists on arson investigations, emergency management planning and more.

John Higginson, Principal Consultant at Context Information Security, examines what organisations can do t combat threats posed by cyber attacks.