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Ohio State president Michael Drake isn't putting a timeline on the school's prove of Urban Meyer and domestic abuse allegations against an ex-assistant.

It is no secret that a Texas summer is intense. Learn how to cool down your garage this summer. Call Action Garage Door at 817-310-8803 today!

Americans intrigued by state of Trump marriage are chewing over a New York Times report that he rejected the modern furniture she chose for the White House residence in favor of flashier pieces.

Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, died Thursday. Here's what we know about her funeral services.

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Top 10 Iconic Sound Effects Subscribe: goo.gl/Q2kKrD These sounds are just as famous, if not more so, than the movies that they appear in. From that s...

L2M (“Listening to Music”) are a Los Angeles-based pop group. The band members include Mariangeli Collado, McKenzie Mack, Tati McQuay, and Jenna Simmons. Their first single appeared in the “Lego Friends” movie, and the girls h

LEGOLAND New York will be the ninth and largest LEGOLAND theme park in the world when it opens in 2020. A LEGO model of the park has been unveiled.

Sound and music are more than background noise for 2013 Carlisle High School graduate Keanan Wilson.

Almost one out of six adults receive financial support from their family, including rent and basic necessities

President Donald Trump blames D.C. government for delay of military parade and says he will attend other events instead. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser says city's estimate was only $21.6 million and rejects Trump's claim.

The jury in the tax and bank fraud trial of Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman, broke for the weekend without reaching a verdict.

A New Jersey man was sentenced to 148 years in state prison for terrorizing, robbing and sexually assaulting four couples at motels in 2012.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus thanked her “Veep” in an emotional video less than a year after announcing she had breast cancer.

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At 13 billion years old, the galaxies began to form "only" about 100 million years after the Big Bang.

From "20/20" to OWN, tributes start airing tonight for Aretha Franklin. In remembrance of the late legend, here are all the tributes you need to know about.

With four Olympic gold medals already, Simone Biles upping the ante before Tokyo Games. Even the U.S. team coordinator says no one can touch her.

The EpiPen is getting competition. The Food and Drug Administration has approved what it described as the first official generic version of the EpiPen, a life-saving treatment for severe allergic reactions. The generic device's maker, Teva Pharmaceuticals, is a rival to Mylan's brand-name version.

Yardi Matrix rounded up the largest MOBs in the Austin metro area, as the state capital is home to a well-established medical sector and is one of the fastest-growing markets in the U.S.

The Harry Potter franchise may be best known for its timeless depictions of friendship, bravery, and family in times of darkest turmoil - and oh yeah, a little thing called magic. But, amidst the heroes, there are some truly nasty characters who we remember less than fondly. Here are the top nine villains in Harry Potter history. And before you @ me, Snape is an anti-hero
9. Professor Quirrell
P-p-p-poor, stuttering, Professor Quirrell was weak, and wanted power. We’ve all been there. But…

Learn when you can choose Urgent Care instead of visiting an Emergency Room
We can handle 80% of your Emergency Medical Needs
A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that 90% of all ER patients admitted into Emergency Rooms across the country needed medical care in 1 to 2 hours instead of life threatening conditions. Furthermore, the top 3 reasons for…

Juul is growing in popularity and racking up revenue. It's also vexing parents and teachers who want to discourage young people from nicotine intake.

Evicting elderly residents from their home for holding a Bible Study is not only outrageous, it’s illegal. Ken Hauge is a retired Lutheran minister. He and his wife, Liv, received an eviction notice from Community Realty Company (CRC) stating the Bible study Ken leads in his apartment is a “business activity” and violates his lease.