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For close to twenty years, I sat on the Board of Directors of the Interfaith Nutrition Network (affectionately called the INN). And then I decided to fade away (retire). But still, I keep thinking....
If I had to wander the desert for forty years, there would be no better people to be with than the people who attend the Annual INNkeepers' Ball, and especially those with whom I sat around a conference table every two months at our Board of Director meetings.

Allison was superb. She guided this industry rookie through the process and quickly and professionally solved all of my issues. Thank you, Allison!

Charlie Guzzetta from BurgerFi talks about the success of the brand since opening its first location in 2011, and the technology that will drive the brand through to the future.

The anti-bread revolution is going strong, but we still can't help but wonder if it's truly bad for us. We asked the experts for all the carby details.

There are so many aspects of a massage that make it great. There is the calming music, the comfortable massage table, the expertise of your massage therapist, the knowledge that you’re doing great things for your body and mind, and the SMELLS. Whether the scents of the massage oils used by your therapist are noticed by you right away, or they linger in your subconscious,...

BurgerFi is opening in the D.C. area, according to a press release.
"Our aim is to change people's perception of the better burger experience," Franchise Development Manager Graham Buckley said in the release.
BurgerFi holds a strong presence in the Southeast region and continues to see steady growth in the Northeast.

Though it may feel like our backyard, there’s plenty for Long Island “tourists” to explore, starting with these attractions. ...

Cleaning Up ‘Accidents’. Rug Renovating. Our pets. We love them. No matter what. No matter if they hack up hairballs. No matter if they barf up their...

When we set out to shed a few pounds, we want those pounds to come from fat.Here’s how to tell if you’re just losing water weight.

(516) 921-1133 - Barkoff Dental - 1103 Reviews: Visit Doctible to find Phone & Address information, Read Reviews and Book Appointments

Barkoff Dental is your Woodbury, NY dentist, providing quality dental care and Invisalign® for children, teens, and adults. Call today.

Dan Holohan says, "It's a given these days that all boilers have low-water cutoffs and that makes me very happy because I've seen hot-water boilers explode." Read on.
The hidden cost of hidden pumps
Think about the circulators that are hiding all over the U.S. How many of those circulators are older than your parents? When consumers are looking for ways to save energy, this is a good place to look. But they're not going to know unless you tell them.

2012 Honda Civic Sedan EX-L Syosset, Hicksville, Huntington, Garden City, Plainview

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, enacted in December 2017, added a new tax credit – Credit for Other Dependents. It is a non-refundable credit of up to $500 per qualifying person. Taxpayers may be able to claim the new credit for dependents that these ...

Simplifying design and reducing complexity while increasing computing power in the car to provide a user-centric experience is the only way the automotive industry can continue to innovate and break sales records.

It’s estimated that some form of x-ray is present in as much as 97% of urgent care facilities around the country. In the healthcare arena, digital x-ray is quickly becoming the standard—and urgent care is no exception.
Urgent care facilities are intended for the immediate evaluation and treatment of acute and

A clamp. A vise. A tight rubber band stretched firmly around your skull. Whatever your tension headache feels like, it’s no picnic. Whether yours is brought on by a single stressful event (summer with all the kids and activities) or a regular, ongoing stress, chances are that you wish they wouldn’t happen in the first place. Though often...

Stress is more than being tired or annoyed. It can seriously affect your long-term health, too. Continue reading 3 Physical Signs You’re Way Too Stressed →

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Wondering “how much mortgage can I afford?” If so, this list of things to consider when buying a home, will help you see how much mortgage you can afford.

The fast-casual burger franchise has rocketed to the top of its segment by appealing to diverse demos – two of which were previously elusive to its competition – women and millennials.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Griffin Enterprises L.C., a Jiffy Lube franchisee with 55 locations in Colorado, Nevada and Utah, has become a Mighty Auto Parts franchisee covering Colorado's

Honestly, I don’t know what to say about this Yet Another White Family Leaves the City for the Suburbs article. The author, who “believes in justice, integration, anti-racism and the daily ba…

ERASE Racism is delighted to welcome Kelly Abernethy to the ERASE Racism team as the new Community Organizer. Ms. Abernethy will organize and promote public forums regarding race and racism on Long Island. The forums are a critical component of Changing the Narrative Around Race and Racial Dynamics on Long Island, a new project made possible by a significant grant from the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at…

Enjoy authentic Mexican food and margaritas at the On The Border in Atlanta, GA. Stop in or pick up favorites like fajitas, tacos and more.

George Bromfield, 63, has certainly earned the title “Mr. Fairway.” He has been with the upscale grocery chain since 1985, two years after arriving in New York from Jamaica, and has never left. “I love this company,” Bromfield said. “I came to this country with nothing. Everything that I have, my three daughters all went to college, is because of …

Building a House In Two Hours
In the late 1940s, William Levitt built a model neighborhood, finishing, on average, one house every two hours using a Henry Ford-like assembly line process. He named it Levittown and it was the first American housing development to use radiant heating. Read on.

The State Education Department awarded $24 million in state aid to 230 public libraries statewide for construction and renovation projects, Commissioner MaryEllen Elia announced today. These funds help libraries construct new buildings, create additions, update electrical wiring and computer technology, improve broadband infrastructure, meet energy efficiency standards,