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Brushing, flossing and gargling mouthwash are ways residents can keep their teeth clean and healthy.

“I’m chilled to the bone!” That’s an expression we use when we feel like the cold winter weather has literally permeated right through our bodies to our bones. This winter’s

Let’s pretend I’m your substitute teacher for the day. Like any good sub, I’ll start with a pop quiz.“What’s most important: increased flexibility or improving your balance?”You moan: “Ugh, I don’t know.”“You’ll need to know to ace the quiz, or you can end up in pain. Serious pain.”Shrugging, you respond: “Flexibility?”The answer: strength. Trick question, I know.Yoga can be tricky if you’re in a class and

Sometimes all you need is a good cry. Decades of research have linked shedding tears to releasing emotions, from sadness to anxiety and frustration.

You’re Invited to our 8th Annual Beauty Bash Event! SouthParkFRIDAY, OCT. 19 3PM to 7PM Register Here Huntersville SATURDAY, OCT. 2010AM to 3PM Register Here H/K/B BEAUTY BASH This year marks our 8th Anniversary of Beauty Bash – and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate it with all of our patients. WHAT TO EXPECT AT THE... Read More »

Approximately 7.5 million people in the United States have psoriasis. This chronic autoimmune skin condition results from the rapid buildup of skin cells, causing redness and scaling on the skin surface. The scales start with a white, silverish hue and develop into thick, red patches which may crack and bleed. The normal life cycle of... Read More »

Acne can be a discouraging skin condition especially when outbreaks happen right before an important event. With the start of a new school year upon us, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Tushar Dabade offers tips on helping you clear up troublesome acne to ensure a successful start to the new term. Although hormones and stress are key... Read More »

Sometimes we forget how much we reveal about ourselves when we smile. Not only do we communicate happiness or sociability, but we also convey a lot about our way of living.
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To some extent, our teeth function as a business card. They can indicate social status, hygiene...

Sleepy school children make crabby classmates, while students who get plenty of sleep are better behaved, according to a new study published this week in the journal Pediatrics.

Friday, October 6th, 2017
Candy Alternatives for Halloween
Halloween is a fantastic time of year for families across the world to get together and indulge on candy. Unfortunately, candy is mostly made up of sugar, and pretty terrible for teeth. Sugar feeds harmful bacteria teeth, and creates acid that erodes enamel. This ultimately cavities, which is why you should limit the number of sugary foods and…

Friday, July 21st, 2017
3 Ingredients Key to Mouth Healthy Smoothies
A mouth healthy diet is a great way to help your child get a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. Smoothies are a great way to have a refreshing, healthy snack. This summer, we suggest adding a few ingredients that can improve your overall oral health
1 – Yogurt
Yogurt is a great source of protein, which makes it an excellent ingredient for adding more substance to your smoothie. It’s also high…

Jewel Osco Registered Dietitians
Summer marks the height of grilling season. Put a spin on your next barbeque by using cranberries! This superfruit is most often synonymous with Thanksgiving, but as America’s Original Superfruit®, they are the perfect fruit for your 4th of July and summer celebrations. You can find dried and frozen cranberries, along with cranberry juice and sauce year-round. Cranberries are easy and convenient…

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Thursday, July 6th, 2017
What Toothpaste Should I Choose for My Kids
Tooth decay is the most common childhood disease, with more than 16 million children suffering from it each year. Oral disease also leads to just over 51 million school hours lost every school year. You can help prevent your child from getting cavities by getting them toothpaste that works for their smile. Here’s what to look for when buying toothpaste for your children.
Look for…
The ADA Seal of Approval

By Lucie Khadduri, PT, PRPC, Certified Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner, Director of Women’s and Men’s Health Programs for Western WashingtonSo you have pelvic pain….A quick Google search on pelvic pain will yield such medical terms as vulvodynia, endometriosus, interstitial cystitis and other terms such as damage, infertility, and chronic pain.Scary, huh?

I'm just going to say it... I don't care about the Super Bowl. I'm more

A good night's sleep is important for good health, but those hours of sleep can easily be disrupted when you're woken up with dry mouth at night....

We took a closer look at whether garlic, apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, and other items can prevent mosquito bites.

An at-home-guide to whitening your teeth using activated charcoal has garnered more than 1.5 million views, with commenters agreeing that the unorthodox method does deliver promised results.

Join ATI Physical Therapy for an Educational Event!Dr. Ketan Mody, MD, CAQSM, of Elite Sports Medicine Institute joins us to speak about "Avoiding Surgery with Use of Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections."Appetizers will be served.Please RSVP to Carrie Taylor at or 630-209-0223.We look forward to seeing you!

By Chanon Vallas MS, OTR/L, CHTApril is marked to celebrate the profession of occupational therapy and the impact it has on the diverse populations that benefit from this specialized therapy.

Harriette Thompson — all 94 years of her — became the oldest person to run a half-marathon over the weekend. 

How to pick a perfectly ripe pineapple and three recipes to eat once you've picked one.