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The advancement of education throughout the unionized sector of the Sheet Metal Industry must receive the highest priority to ensure full participation in an expanding world economy. In support of that objective, the Sheet Metal Workers’ International Scholarship Fund awards 34 scholarships in the amount of $6,000 per year* for up to four years for full-time undergraduate study at any accredited college or…

All travelers should carry photo identification, a copy of their current dues receipt, reciprocal cards/information and meet criteria specified by host local. Travelers should also review initial “Request for Workers Form” provided to Local Unions by the Job Bank and have their home Local Union file SASMI papers, if applicable
Please be advised that the Job Bank Information Line (1-800-251-7045) is only updated periodically. If you…

Selecting the right sheet metal for your home is very crucial. Here are some good options available in the market that will suits your need and budget.

The SMWIA celebrated its 100th Anniversary on January 25th, 1988. Members from across the United States and Canada took part in building a massive commemorat...

Kern Laser Systems can be equipped with our innovative pulsed laser technology which allows for accurate cutting of sheet metal. Commonly cut metals include ...

Complex Sheet Metal Part 6: Sheet metal features are used so that the part can be flattened out to create a flat pattern.

The Simple Sheet Metal Part 5 part reviewer tutorial is symmetric vertically with respect to the Right Plane.

Sheet Metal Werks offers the most revolutionary KoolDuct, Phenolic Foam, Rectangular Duct, HVAC Duct with Low Air Leakage and High R-Values in Chicago

Complex Sheet Metal Part 4: This feature distinguishes that this is sheet metal part. It specifies the bend radius, wall thickness and K factor. Sheet meta

Interview with Eugene Frazier, Sheet Metal JATC coordinator in Dayton, OH, who talks about how students are pursuing high paying careers via a sheet metal apprenticeship.

Simple Sheet Metal Part 3: The sheetmetal featue in SOLIDWORKS determines the thickness and bend radius; 12 gauge steel is used for this model. L shape ske

Moderate Sheet Metal Part Five: This part is created using sheet metal features so that the part can be flattened out to create a flat pattern. The first feature is a flat plate where the side flanges will be added throughout the design.

Moderate Sheet Metal Part 4: Sheet metal features determines the thickness and bend radius.12 Gauge Steel is used for this model. This is a Sheet metal par

The Sheet Metal Training Course Was a Success
What a great day we had last week for sheet metal training here at Panther East, and it was all thanks to you. We hope you enjoyed the instructional training from the Copper Development Association and Guilbert-Express, along with the free soldering kits, food, and conversation. It was our pleasure to host the course and gain insight into the latest techniques and innovations in sheet metal work. We are already looking forward to the training…

Start off with flat plate and then add edge flanges. Sheet metal features are used so that the part can be flattened out to create

Introduction SolidSolutions has recently welcomed another 11 Technical Interns to the team, they are currently being put through a 12 week induction and Learn how to import SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal using convert to sheet metal from one of Solid Solutions newest members of staff.

How do you create your sheet metal parts? Are you aware that SOLIDWORKS has an entire tool set dedicated to Sheet Metal parts? Learn more!

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