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'Choice of: $30 Toward Food and Drinks $50 Toward Food and Drinks See the menu. Mozzarella: Staple of the Slice Pizzas offer many flavor combinations, but most start with the blank canvas of a blanket of mozzarella. Learn how pizza got stuck with its favorite cheese with Groupon’s exploration of mozzarella. Although proto-pizzas can be detected in culinary history as early the sixth century, the mozzarella-covered…

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Planning a kitchen renovation? Our countertop primer will help you select the perfect surface for your space

Combatting Senior Hunger & Isolation
On this program, broadcasted July 3rd, “The Senior Zone” discussed the challenges and opportunities in combatting hunger & isolation among our older adults with Ms. Ellie Hollander, President & CEO, Meals on Wheels America .

And the ride of a lifetime
Beginning in Brussels, Belgium and ending in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, five Georgia Tech students have embarked on a five-week journey as part of the Mongolia Charity Rally. A 10,000 mile trek across Europe and Asia, the Mongolia Charity Rally promotes charitable giving while also providing participants with an unforgettable journey. The team is comprised of Mitch Hotop, Jonathan Murphy, Rohan Iyer…

Data from flights through wildfire plumes reveal three times the officially noted levels for fine particles

Decision Comes After Intense Linguistic Research and Scholarly Debate
April 1, 2017 • Atlanta, GA
Today, Georgia Tech has formally announced that the institute will officially endorse the pronunciation of GIF with a soft ‘g’ effective immediately. The implementation of the soft ‘g’ in GIF will be an institute wide initiative and will be strictly enforced
Today, Georgia Tech has formally announced that the institute will…

For the 1-in-4 American seniors who live alone, the road to recovery after illness, injury or surgery is paved with many unknowns.

SAN DIEGO and WASHINGTON, May 23, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Dedicated to enabling seniors to successfully age...

Dive into these talks about water and humanity’s relationship with this life-sustaining liquid.

A historic event that highlights and debates Greek classics, ideals, and culture with some of the country’s foremost legal minds and theorists.

The administration is working to maintain competition on the health law exchanges to help keep premium prices lower.

North Korea says it tested a nuclear warhead Friday that could be mounted on ballistic rockets -- potentially the most powerful of the five nuclear tests the country has conducted since 2006.

Hezbollah is accusing Islamist extremists of killing its military commander in an explosion in Syria.

Local retail consultant Allison Barta Bailey says that local shopping is crucial to the growth and expansion of our city. “If we want our community to continue to develop, we have to offer something that other communities don’t,” she says. “Our local business scene is something that’s unique to our city for travelers, and provides quality and convenience for residents.”

Facing renewed criticism, Veterans Affairs leaders charged lawmakers with wanting vengeance instead of better employees.

Located in the backwoods of Mountain Top, PA, Fear Hollow Haunted Attraction Is Pennsylvania's Scariest haunted house.

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