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Happy birthday to Brian May, guitar player for rock powerhouses Queen and, also, noted astrophysicist (really!). May was born on this day back in 1947, and we’ve put together a

How well do you know your Horror? // Horror Trivial Pursuit Game

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Shawn Demmons confronts the hard truth that trans men are overlooked in HIV prevention efforts—and explains how we can change this.

The article, “The Most Important Way To Measure Your Day” by Tim Denning, focuses on two simple questions as a way to measure a successful day: 1. Did I learn one new thing today? 2. Di…

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Desert Sun Academy, 27880 N. 64th St. in Scottsdale, will institute a French Dual Language Immersion program along with conversational Spanish classes.

We’re keeping the Independence Day celebration going all weekend long. Whip up any (or all) of these cocktails, and make sure to have a safe and fun holiday weekend!

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if you’re living with HIV and have an undetectable viral load, you will still test positive for HIV if you get tested. But, this is expected, and doesn’t mean that your treatment is not working or that you aren’t undetectable.

Women exposed to triclosan may be more likely to develop osteoporosis, according to new research published on June 25. The antibacterial chemical found in toothpastes and other oral care products has been previously linked to hormone disruption, colon cancer, and antimicrobial resistance.

Trans March shows the world that San Francisco is a place for trans people that is based on respect and equality, said Ms. Billie Cooper, a Community Grand Marshal for San Francisco Pride.

Scientists used "lost" wallets to test whether people are more likely to be dishonest when they might profit. The results were puzzling — so they put more money in the wallets.

The permanent San Francisco installation will honor those still standing after living through the original HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Texas Legislative Update | June 12, 2019 | DMA - DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc., provides this information relating to the 86th Texas Legislature Regular Session. Read more about the latest updates here.

Tomaeno's journey to sobriety inspired him to start Purpose Healing Center, an addiction treatment center focused on men with drug and alcohol dependence.

Learn the ins and outs of your anatomy to maximize your satisfaction from anal sex. Plus: tips on relaxing your muscles during sex, controlling your pelvic floor, and more.

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