Business in Central City - Phoenix, AZ

The Cardinals turned to rookie quarterback Josh Rosen on Sunday, but he couldn't help them beat the Bears, who escaped with a 16-14 win.

The New Yorker magazine reported Sunday night that Senate Democrats were investigating a second woman's accusation of sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh dating to the 1983-84 academic year, Kavanaugh's first at

Gaining control of the British pay-TV company was key for Comcast’s future plans, but it came at a steep price and Disney still has 21st Century Fox’s assets.

Woods dominated the Tour Championship, leading by as many as six strokes in the final round. Here’s how he won.

The creator of “Monk,” about an obsessive-compulsive detective, returns with a new Netflix show about a detective who’s obsessed with following the rules.

In anticipation of Walter Salas-Humara’s show and album debut at the Orpheum Theater tonight, Flagstaff Live! spoke to the founding member of 1985 post-punk group The Silos about his early

In a town sometimes mimicked for being full of hippies, Flagstaff residents certainly have strong beliefs. The town has had no lack of protests through the years, coming out to

Boo Birds: Cardinals could be in for more horrific noise if they don't play far better this week against the visiting Chicago Bears

Each week, The Republic highlights some of the adoptable pets in the Valley. This week has a pup that sleeps with his tongue out and other cuties.

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"My siblings who chose to film ads against me are all liberal Democrats who hate President Trump," Rep. Paul Gosar wrote on Twitter.

It is to Hawke’s credit that he has invested what clout he has gathered in his industry into this study of an artist who never gathered much clout at all — and that the resulting film has the warm, weary rhythms of Foley’s own songs

The student section of Sun Devil football fans, the Inferno, was named by ESPN and Taco Bell as the student section of the week for a seasonlong contest to award the best fans among college football. The Inferno’s distinction came after ASU upset Michigan State University on Sept. 8.