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Happy Friday, friends! Over the last few weeks (and looking back on lots of real weddings ) we’ve been compiling some great cost-saving tips for your wedding. There’s no one way to plan a wedding and every couple has their own set of must-haves (which we recommend discussing early on, btw) so it makes sense that there are tons of ways to pull it off. And all of our fave methods involve not only saving money, but upping the creativity and personalization factor…

We've all been there. We walk into a crowded bar on a Saturday night and immediately start to make a game plan. How can I get to the bar and order a drink without shoving, stepping on or cutting in front of anyone? Should I yell at the bartender? Should...

Bar Marco becomes the first restaurant in the region to put all its staff on salary and offer healthcare plus shares in the business.

A refresher course on how to navigate Fastcase 7
The new Fastcase 7 has been rolled out and is available to Florida Bar members when they access the complimentary Fastcase member benefit via The Florida Bar website
So what do you need to know about Fastcase 7 — its differences, its features, its added value?
It’s all right here in the ‘Fastcase 7 User Guide’!
The Fastcase 7 User Guide is an in-depth guide to all features and options in Fastcase 7. The…

Late evening sunsets call for cocktails on the patio—making summer the prime time for a home bar. Is yours ready to handle all the Bloody Marys, Moscow Mules, and margaritas that you crave? With the right selection of spirits, mixers, and supplies, you can craft drinks that will make you feel like you’re relaxing in …

Your quest to quench your thirst leaves no stone unturned! That's at least 50 distinct venues!

As a former New Yorker and current owner of a wee Cape Cod cottage, I am quite familiar with both the charm and challenges of small spaces. When done well, they can feel like cozy, zen-like retreats. But often when you have to cram all your worldly possessions into one tiny space, the results can feel cramped, claustrophobic, and anything but restful. Achieving the former instead of the latter takes some conscious effort. The good news is that the key to successful small-space…

For many people, great food and great drink go hand in hand. These Philadelphia spots meet both those needs with impressive beer, wine and cocktail lists, as well as the kind of casual, but delicious, pub fare that's meant to be washed down with your favorite boozy drinks.

For Makeover Monday, I wanted to tell the story of how Facebook is making an effort to make clean and renewable power its primary source of energy. I wanted to be able to sort the stacked bars by energy usage percentage by year. Here's how it's done.

The NFL is pouring $10 million into local rape and domestic violence support groups's programs.

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Get expert tools and tips for how to make the best the cocktail at home.

St. Patricks Day Bar Guide
St. Patrick's Day at B.B. King's
Get lucky this St. Patrick's Day at B.B. King's! Let loose with live music and drink specials ALL DAY
Drink Specials Include:
$4.00 Jameson Shots, Guinness, Kiss Me I'm Irish, 16 oz Green Miller Life Drafts
$5.00 20 oz Green Miller Lite Drafts (includes a special BB King's St. Patty's Day Specialty Cup)
$6.00 32 oz Green Miller Lite Drafts
Bardog Tavern's Annual St. Pat's Party
Enjoy 10 craft brews on draft…

The Crown & Anchor has 7 gay bars and clubs in Provincetown, Massachusetts

Grab some buddies and head downtown to any one of this karaoke lounges, and either impress friends or send them running while belting out a tune.

Is a lovely steakhouse, I think that keg´s hamburger is the signature dish, but I prefer fish and seafruits, and I took a tuna tartar, with avocado, sesame oil and seeds, very delicious :P

There are few things more pleasurable than drinking on a roof in warm weather. Here are our favorite spots.

Time to celebrate the best part of the NCAA Tournament -- the food, drinks and passion of your favorite sports bar. Select all your favorites!