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Frontline released an hour-long documentary delving into the serial sexual predation of women that lead to the ousting of Harvey Weinstein.

The Harris Poll conducted a survey of more than 1,600 digital banking users at the end of January. They found that 32% of respondents said they are willing to leave their current banking relationship for a better digital experience. While there has been a lot of discussion surrounding mobile banking and all the new conveniences it brings to …

Called the End Taxpayer Subsidies for Drug Ads Act, the bill reflects concerns that drug makers are spending too much to market high-priced medicines at a time of growing anger over the cost of prescription drugs.

By Dave Yohe, VP of Marketing, BillingTree
With a new year comes new resolutions, disruptors and trends. This will especially ring true in the payments space, which boasts one of the biggest growth markets in the world – fintech. Research estimates that global fintech solution usage is currently at 33 percent and is expected to increase to 52 percent in 2018. As the business world hangs up their calendars for 2018, Dave Yohe, VP of Marketing at BillingTree looks at five key technology…

PYMNTS.com got 39 of the payments industry’s top CEOs and executives to sound off on what’s next for the year and beyond. But just as it’s nearly impossible to predict with precision the future of an ever-changing, ever-innovating market, it’s just as difficult to draw a single conclusion from so many experts’ opinions. In short, […]

Being an Entrepreneur is fun but hard. When you have a big annual tax bill, it's easy to feel discouraged and quit. Yes, taxes are complex and there’s a lot ...