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This is the last monthly Five Favorites for the year! Come December, we will have compiled all of our favorites from this last year to make our big “TOP 5s” for the year. All of us at S…

The story behind Brooklyn Bugs, the organization working to raise appreciation and awareness for edible insects through delicious, educational and creative programming.

Each year we scour the web for our annual 101 Best Websites for Writers, a comprehensive collection of online resources for writers. This selection represents our 2018 picks for the top online writing communities. These resources will provide you with great tips, advice and the support of other writers.

Go to the website below and select the year you were born (or any year for that matter). Time Traveler – Mirriam-Webster The results will show you the words and phrases that were first used in that year. Fascinating fun! For my mom, it is words like air traffic controller, …

Our hospital phlebotomists are responsible for collecting and processing patient biological specimens, including: blood, sputum, stool, urine, and saliva, etc. As the initiator of the diagnostic process at Banner Health inpatient facilities, phlebotomists are the laboratory’s direct link to and primary resource for patient care. As a hospital Phlebotomist, you will work in an inpatient hospital environment, covering all patient floors, working…

A woman refused to be detained for reckless driving and led Mohave County Sheriff's Office deputies on a high-speed chase, MCSO said.

Ashley Sanchez's family told AZFamily that the 22-year-old passed away at a Phoenix hospital on Thursday.

Length: 8.4"
Insertable: 4.1"
Circumference: 5.9"
Material: Silicone
2 year manufacturer warranty

Poor Jacob is triply triangulated in Parashat Vayetzei! His boss, Laban, is not only his uncle, Rebecca’s older brother, but also his father-in-law, Leah and Rachel’s father. Leah and Rachel are bitter rivals, Leah resenting Jacob’s love for Rachel, and Rachel wishing for children when God has blessed only Leah with fertility. Complicating this tangle of relationships is the fact that Jacob and Laban work together, and Laban is not a fair employer.

Furniture, Design and other cool news from #Phoenix and around the world. by DeLaney's Auction

Bedbugs can be a serious problem so it makes sense that you'd want to get rid of them ASAP. Here are some tactics that won't work.

The cost-of-living adjustments are used to adjust tax provisions from the standard deduction and personal exemption to retirement plan limits.

Brookdale Senior Living News provides news and perspectives about the senior living company and serves as a resource for reporters as well as informational blogs and news stories geared toward associates, residents and future residents.

Kids will have so much fun creating these festive candy corn parfaits for Thanksgiving and Halloween. They're a healthy way to celebrate the holiday and can ...

Beautiful night in Phoenix. Here's my good friends Misha & Marty Goetz (father & daughter) singing beautifully...

As part of National Alzheimer’s Disease and Caregiver Awareness Month, Brookdale is helping other caregivers find the same relief with respite care.

Americans plan to spend more than $1,000 this holiday season. Tap the credit-card rewards you’ve earned this year to help stay under budget.

"AUA students are the best ambassadors for our students to learn what is best for them," said SJSU President Dr. Mary A. Papazian.

How to help your kids be at their best and have fun, too. A guide for children and parents to make the most of their next family gathering.

Air conditioning vents provide cool air during the summer months, but in the winter they can let in cold drafts. You should not block them permanently, because you’ll need the vents again when the weather gets warm, but we’ve crafted a temporary solution to help you avoid the cold breeze. Measure your vents to see…

This blog is part five of six in a series designed to hone character development of protagonists in your fiction. I once tried to leave the house with bare lips. This did not go over well with my husband. “Where is your lipstick?” he asked. I applied some immediately. In …