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Having a well-stocked, carefully chosen home bar is a serious step on the road to sophistication, and these stores will help you get there.

We all love wine. In fact, most nights of the week our editors sip a glass or two to wind down after work. The liquor store nearest us doesn't always have the best selection, or the best prices for that matter. They have limited shelf space, and store employees don't always recommend bottles we'll...

A proposal before the Kansas Senate would allow liquor stores owners to let customers taste some products before buying them.

We have created a line of attractive, economical and sturdy wine and liquor displays from popular hardwoods. All of our wooden racking is manufactured from sturdy, long-lasting woods like mahogany and oak, designed to be durable through the rigors of retail use. We offer gondola-type wall and island displays as well as taller racks for retail walls with a variety of storage options like bins and adjustable shelves.

For the first time, some state liquor stores will be open on certain holidays.

Delaware's liquor stores would have earlier opening times during October, November and December under proposed legislation

Denver liquor stores are reaching new markets and customers with ordering apps and delivery drivers.

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State Line Liquors is located near the MD/DE line. Visit our site to learn about our events, beer and wine tastings, and the quality products we offer.

Hand selected specials on beer, wine and fine spirits just for you! Visit us today to learn more about the deep discounts being offered this month!

Pennsylvania state liquor stores endured a hiccup in business when the credit card system became briefly overwhelmed.

Credit card systems are working again after a nearly hour-long outage Wednesday afternoon.

Disclaimer number 1 – I have not visited every liquor store in Atlanta and the surrounding neighborhoods. I’ve probably been to at least 60% of them, but there are quite a few I have …

Have you ever wanted to evaluate wine like the pros do? Interested in sampling wine or liquor before you buy? Our tastings are a great way to try before buying! These tastings are free of charge and often feature some …Read More

Pick up a bottle of wine, a six-pack of beer or some locally made spirits at these top liquor stores in Chicago

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