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I once had a writing instructor who told me to write stories about failure instead of stories about success, because failure is more relatable, and nobody wants to read about how perfect you are. So it is with that instruction firmly in mind that I report to you that Paula Abdul fell off a stage on Saturday night while performing at the at Hard Rock Live in Biloxi, Mississippi, according to TMZ. She is fine.

Democrats have raised more money. But Republicans had more left in the bank, and they are using it on ads that try to nationalize the race.

I tend to handle emotional strife by buying things. Just last week, I was so upset by a New York Times push alert that I blacked out in the fancy grocery store and left with $20 worth of cheese. Every time I break up with someone or get rejected, I end up with several new sweaters, which are blankets for your body as well as for your heart. Capitalism tells us that buying things will make us feel better, and sometimes it works…

Jair Bolsonaro, the blustery hard-right candidate described as “a Brazilian Donald Trump,” appears headed for the presidency.

You would not be wise to proceed with a strike if the vote in favour was only 52%

The great harm words caused to women can be seen in the Scally CervicalCheck report

Some think chief ethics officers could help technology companies navigate political and social questions.

From a D3 fixer-upper to suburban sea views, what did others buy for this price?

Mr. Parsons, who took the post just a month ago, is leaving because of illness. The change comes as CBS is trying to move past various scandals.

Full-back Hector Bellerin believes the players are still able to improve under their new head coach

Places hit hard by Hurricane Michael are slowly returning to normal, but residents worry that officials will be in too great a hurry to move on.

As products and services become commoditized, organizations need to begin differentiating themselves by becoming customer-centric and providing a consistently good customer experience. The bar is low; it’s pretty easy to stand out from your competition if you just make a commitment to do so.

Aging rich white men in public office continue dreaming up new cruel, but not unusual, devices to further ensure oppressed people are barred from income, physical safety, human dignity and autonomy over their own bodies. This time, the New York Times has obtained a memo indicating that the Trump administration will once and for all decide whether to recognize that transgender people–at least 1.4 million adults…

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The Nephrology Board at ABIM assists with ensuring the Nephrology Physician Certification and MOC exams are relevant and rigorous.