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To make changes that last, you will need to determine what your primary motivation for change has been in the past. Has it been crisis or quality of life?

With permission from Dealer Marketing Magazine By Sarah Garonce, Senior Director, Research & Insights at Clear [...]

People who eat a healthy diet experience fewer asthma symptoms and better control of their condition, according to a new study published in the European Respiratory Journal
Diets with better asthma outcomes are characterised by being healthier, with greater consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grain cereals. Unhealthy diets, with high consumption of meat, salt and sugar, have the poorest outcomes
The study strengthens the evidence…

Extreme Thrill Show Pioneers, The Nerveless Nocks Motorcycle Globe Of Death. Video Created by Angelina Nock.

Pictured above is just a sampling of the wonderful cats available for adoption at HAWS right now!
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Wouldn’t it be great for you and your loved ones to function and perform at 100% for 100 years, your highest level throughout your entire lifetime?

Toppers is going back to its quirky beginnings by thinking "outside the (pizza) box" when it comes to the brand's menu.

Most people know Lexus is Toyota’s luxury arm, and that BMW owns Mini, but did you know Lamborghini is owned by Audi, which is run by Volkswagen?

Understanding the hero and the villain in your personal story will help you make choices that ensure that you and your loved ones live an active...

Waukesha is one of six new communities accepted into the WEDC's Connect Communities program, an initiative geared toward revitalizing downtowns.

CCI Surety competes to get contractors out of collateral programs or programs that are too small.

Germ-free childhoods followed by infections later in life can trigger the onset of childhood leukemia, a new analysis suggests.

You can contact our commercial bond department directly:
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Looking to adopt a Feline Friend? HAWS is participating in the region-wide "I Cat Believe It" adoption special - adoption fees for adult cats have been waived for the entire month of July!
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What are companies projecting for merit increases next year? What strategies can I use when there is a shortage of qualified and reliable candidates? These are good questions and MRA has the answers! Participate today in our annual Pay Trends & Talent Strategies by logging in to and visiting your dashboard to access the questionnaire link. Hurry! The deadline is Friday, July 13. This valuable information has helped guide member companies for years and we need to hear your voice!

SUSSEX -- Governor Scott Walker announced on Monday, July 16 the Commute to Careers program. It is an $8 million multi-agency initiative that will support efforts statewide to eliminate transportation barriers for workers seeking to advance their careers or enter the workforce.
The program will be funded by the Wisconsin Departments of Workforce Development (DWD) and Transportation (WisDOT).

State officials have planned five more meetings to inform contractors about how they can work on the $10 billion factory complex Foxconn is building in Racine County.

Today, since I’ve been released from the hospital last month for a severe lupus flare, I was able to take a shower. As you’re reading this you may wonder why is this news. This is news because my lupus flare was very cruel to my muscles, leaving me totally dependent on others. Taking a shower... Read more »

Got an old car lying around that you can't drive anymore? Or maybe you want to plan a trip to the junkyard. Either way, there are tons of ways to transform old car parts into gorgeous and artistic pieces of furniture.

Life hacks to get you through winter's last week GALLERY: Wisconsin gets dumped with March snow Weather apps to track the current storm system Nor'easter to affect more than just Northeast How sunshine makes us healthier Winter's big comeback, and the return of snow
SE Wisconsin… Midwest Satellite Feels Like
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HR Certification Institute (HRCI) met and heard from many inspirational HR and business leaders at the SHRM 2018 Annual Conference and Exposition in Chicago. Here’s my take on SHRM18 highlights
The Best of the Main Events
Adam Grant, the organizational psychologist from The Wharton School of Business and author of Originals , created the most thought-provoking buzz. Based on comprehensive research, Grant challenged HR to create…

The human brain processes all sensory information whether or not you are fully aware of it. Most children are able to find a way to ignore extraneous information that is in their environment and focus on the information related to the activity or object of their immediate interest.

Four times the silly, four times the fun!
This "bonded quad" of ferrets is waiting for their new adoptive home. Because they are bonded, these youngsters will need to be adopted together. They are very social, plus they are clean and neat, so you'll be so glad to have them all.
Spend many hours of fun and play with the Ferret Four Pack!