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Do you notice dirt when you walk into a facility? Those first impressions of a facility make a difference on whether or not you are likely to return.

This is what lights the darkness. A chance to make everyone happy! - Sora // Kingdom Hearts Sora Keyblade Hi-Top Sneakers

Thanksgiving is a time to show gratitude, and BAYADA founder Mark Baiada is doing it in a big way—today he announced that he’s splitting up $20 million among...

While unprecedented in the industry, our transition to a nonprofit organization, effective January 2019, is a natural step in our journey to ensure that The ...

Sleep hygiene refers to recommended practices or habits that help promote a good night’s sleep. This usually means staying far, far away from our much-loved digital devices – that’s right, our laptops, smartphones, and all those other gadgets...

Enter to win a $100 Fresh Prep gift card from Miss604! Take something off your to-do list and sign up for – or gift the gift of – Fresh Prep.It can help busy people like you create world-class dinners in minutes with prepared recipe ingredients delivered weekly to your door.

Influenza, or flu, viruses cause about 200,000 hospitalizations every year in the U.S. Annual seasonal vaccination is our best line of defense, but in recent years, it has become clear that mismatches in the vaccine can limit its effectiveness.

Eli Serebrowski,
Meridian Capital Group
Spring Valley, NY Meridian Capital Group arranged $22 million in financing for the refinance of Central Crossing...

In the midst of Downtown Brooklyn’s building boom, the developer behind one of the neighborhood’s newest rental buildings is looking to sell the prope

Modell's Sporting Goods has a wide selection of Nike Footwear items. Visit us online or at one of our stores today!

“One of my teachers told us about health, hygiene and the importance of having toilets at home. His words left a lasting impression on my mind. I realised that we can use toilets, wherever we want.”
Lavanya, inspired by her teacher’s lecture on hygiene and sanitation, went on a two-day hunger strike to get a toilet built at home. Watch her story to find out how this girl sparked a new wave of change in and around her village. A village that was…

Public washrooms are not always the havens of cleanliness we’d like them to be, despite the fact that most public establishments take hygiene seriously. There’s no denying that a clean and odour-fr…

I’ve frequently noticed one thing about Sales team members — they neither have the time nor the patience to capture and collect relevant information during client meetings. They don’t have the time to jot down points on their notebooks and then go back to office and book the order or send the information to their customers. Most Sales team members invite their potential clients to lunch, dinner, coffee meetings, and so on and then try and crack deals. This year, I had a…

Philadelphia has a fantastic live performance art culture. Finish your cheesesteak and start checking out one of these fabulous Philly theatres!

Fans of the classic movie will love this Nightmare Before Christmas blind bag! Each bag contains one mystery keychain figurine from the film! Will you get Zero? Oogie Boogie? Or maybe even Jack or Sally! You'll want to collect them all!

Information is abundant. The proper application of information (i.e., wisdom and understanding) is scarce.

A while ago I posted a simple picture (the headline graphic for this article) with 50 reasons why we cannot change which you can see here … www.linkedin.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer provides extensive adaptability to augment the solution as per your requirements. In this blog, I share my experiences and understanding of extensibility in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C), some use cases, and a list of available tools to develop extensions. I also discuss the importance of the HANA Cloud Platform in building unique side-by-side extensions for SAP Hybris C4C. Extensibility in CRM Solutions Today, customers demand unparalleled experiences at

Like it or not, cloud is here to stay. It has brought in a wave of digital disruption in this information age. Innovation and constant change for betterment have become not just necessary for survival but also key to growth. As rightly expressed by British philosopher, writer, and speaker Alan Watts, "The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance."The story that follows is a case in point where visionary leaders…

Schneider Electric Ventures launched about a year ago and has several projects already underway.