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Philadelphia has a fantastic live performance art culture. Finish your cheesesteak and start checking out one of these fabulous Philly theatres!

Your privacy is very important, particularly when you’re at your most vulnerable excreting your bodily waste. Bathroom design goes a long way in ensuring that your privacy is respected and…

Your co-worker is doubled over with another coughing fit. Should you be worried? After all, anyone who works in an office knows just how hard is to stay healthy during cold and flu season. It certa…

Fans of the classic movie will love this Nightmare Before Christmas blind bag! Each bag contains one mystery keychain figurine from the film! Will you get Zero? Oogie Boogie? Or maybe even Jack or Sally! You'll want to collect them all!

Win a $100 gift card for Potters Christmas Store from Miss604. Potters Christmas Store in Surrey is a 28,000 square foot greenhouse which has become the largest Christmas store in Western Canada.

Information is abundant. The proper application of information (i.e., wisdom and understanding) is scarce.

A while ago I posted a simple picture (the headline graphic for this article) with 50 reasons why we cannot change which you can see here … www.linkedin.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer provides extensive adaptability to augment the solution as per your requirements. In this blog, I share my experiences and understanding of extensibility in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C), some use cases, and a list of available tools to develop extensions. I also discuss the importance of the HANA Cloud Platform in building unique side-by-side extensions for SAP Hybris C4C. Extensibility in CRM Solutions Today, customers demand unparalleled experiences at

Schneider Electric Ventures launched about a year ago and has several projects already underway.

SAP Hybris Marketing/the SAP S4HANA Marketing Cloud helps marketers to segment the right target group/audience to send out emails or messages through campaigns. It also helps them to effectively connect with this specific audience through multi-wave multi-channel campaign automation. Read More.

If you belong to the companies of today that believe in keeping things “current” and automate most processes and systems, you would have learnt that – despite the company’s best efforts – the most important transactions end on paper. A large percentage of companies still rely on time-consuming devices such as scanners, printers, and fax machines to get that last bit of paperwork signed off. The same trend holds true for processing tax documents, bank documentation, and human resource records.

Kleo is a rising pop singer-songwriter and instrumentalist from Staten Island, New York, with her former release "Blinded" available now on iTunes, stay tune...

For over twenty five years, Roche Podiatry Group has been the go-to foot doctors in the Edison, Woodbridge, NJ. Trust experience, Call Roche Podiatry today!

The loan was negotiated by Eli Serebrowski, who is based in the company’s New York City headquarters.