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Cataracts, other growths and some cancers are directly related to UV exposure even when it's overcast.

Saving lives isn’t just for superheroes. If you ask Sylvia Eichelkraut, 78, of Ottawa, it’s actually pretty easy. All you’ve got to do is donate blood.

Ebola looms large over West Africa while mosquito season at home carries its own disease risk; rare public health threats for sure, but ones that reinforce infectious disease protocol in the primary eye care setting
"Optometrists and other primary health care providers should be aware and concerned."
Although nowhere near the severity of the 2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak that spanned 10 countries-the United States included-and…

It’s something most men of a certain age dread and has served as a popular topic of jokes for years, but screening is important.

SilverCloud offers secure, immediate access to online supported CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) programs, tailored to your specific needs.

Whether your weeks ahead contain travel, vacations or just longer and lazier days than usual, our list of recommendations from TED speakers has books for all moods, activities and tastes.

Sarah Musselman, RN, BSN, IBCLC, offers her Top 10 tips for pregnancy and cihldbirth

Shake your lunch routine up! This tasty salad is easily transported. Then when it's time to eat, just give it a shake to combine the layers.

“The Circle App is really for all parents, but it’s especially great for new and expectant parents,” Duffy said. “It has a lot of resources and tools to use during pregnancy and after the baby is born."

Lighten up your denim by thinking outside the blues and add pastel and white denim to your spring fashion. With Time and Tru’s three ways to swap out your true blues for fun pastels and bright whites, you can strut your style this spring.

People with diabetes are more prone to have peripheral neuropathy, a condition that can numb the feeling in both your hands and your feet.

Ordering a cake for graduation couldn’t be easier. Here’s how to choose a graduation cake that will fit your party perfectly. Find great cakes at Walmart.

People suffering from allergies often find long-term relief from symptoms with allergy immunotherapy. In addition to improving asthma and allergic rhinitis – hay fever – allergy shots can be an effective treatment for people who suffer from stinging insect allergies.

“Being diagnosed with heart failure shocks many patients, and they aren’t sure where to go from there,” Coleen said.

It's the fourth most popular sports activity in the U.S. A personal trainer explains why it's great exercise and how to get started.

Having an after-work beer or an evening glass of wine to help de-stress and wind down may not be the best idea. Find out why.

With more women having kids later, scientists set out to determine what influences their reproductive decisions.