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 There are several important aspects of taking care of your teeth, and perhaps the most overlooked (or ignored) is flossing.  Brushing will only clean the front, back, and top of your teeth. Since the interdental space (space between

It’s no secret that your hygiene routine is a primary factor in maintaining your teeth. For the most part, drinking enough water with your food and brushing and flossing between meals can help you avoid tooth decay.  However, did

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Even if you’re not on the Keto diet yourself, you probably have a friend or a coworker who just raves about it. The Keto diet is the latest big diet craze, but there’s probably still a lot you don’t know

This week is your last chance to view this special exhibition. From the 1860s, Frederick Walker was at the heart of this group of like-minded artists, who had roots in periodical and book illustration. They frequently ventured beyond the idyllic in the sense of a pastoral paradise. While the Idyllists may have avoided the harsher realities of urban life and the mechanistic aspects of modern agriculture…

Since being announced in 2013, the Yale Africa Initiative has aimed to foster new directions of research, partnerships, and recruitment on the continent.

Hua Shu (Yale School of Art)
Typogram is the first design tool built exclusively for typographic design with new font technologies, advanced styling features, and artificial intelligence
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Hypnos Technologies
Vivek A. Rajarathnam (Yale School of Public Health), Jason Lu (Yale College), Hans Bartenstein, Lewis Jones, Ajintha Pathmanathan
Hypnos is developing an in-ear, wearable EEG and ECG that is non-obstructive, discreet, and attractive to any…

Paul Nirchi has played Juan Peron in "Evita" five times. Now he produces and directs the show for Oak Lawn Park District Theatre's March 22-31 run.

Buy Way To Celebrate Twerking Valentines T-rex Plush by Gemmy Industries sings and dances to baby got back at

For centuries, experts have predicted that machines would make workers obsolete. That moment may finally be arriving. Could that be a good thing?

If the 2 minutes it takes to brush your teeth feels like forever to you, then Y-Brush might be your solution. The Y-Brush was on display at CES 2019 and gained attention for the claim that it can fully brush your teeth in just 10 seconds with its vibrating mouthguard full of nylon bristles.

My Brother's Keeper
J.P. Blase Cooke Center
My Brother's Keeper began in the early 1980s as pastors in the Irvington neighborhood of West Baltimore saw the effects of a declining economy. It started with basic services and today offers a wide range of support, from meals to workforce development to youth services. CONTACT MY BROTHER'S KEEPER

Interview with Donna De Salvo by David Ebony New art’s never new when it’s done. . . It’s not new art. You don’t know it’s new. You don’t know what it is. It doesn’t become new until about ten year…

On Nov. 24, holiday consumers and small businesses celebrated the ninth annual Small Business Saturday. The event, created by American Express as an offshoot to Black Friday, brought in an estimated $17.8 billion, according to surveys commissioned by the company. This brings the estimated total spending on the day to $103 billion since 2010, reported Amex. In […]