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Take inspiration from the Amercian flag and celebrate in style with a red, blue and white colored dessert! A healthy vanilla pudding topped with fresh berries is sure to make this 4th of July a memorable one!

If you’ve taken the time to create a website for your business, you really have nothing to lose by putting a little bit of effort into optimizing that site for search engines. Search engine optimization is the process of tweaking your site to get better placement within the thousands of search results for any given set of keywords. The best way to accomplish better results is up for debate, since no one knows for sure what search algorithm’s real criteria is for determining…

If you are marketing your product or service online, using video will have a big impact on results. Adding an animated marketing video, or explainer video, t...

Pacific iWorks develops custom websites and online content for small businesses in Honolulu, Hawaii. We focus on increasing online visibility and marketing p...

All projects are weather permitting.
Three lanes closed on the H-1 Freeway in the westbound direction in the vicinity of the Aiea Heights Drive Overpass on Monday night, March 20, through Friday morning, March 24, from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m., for maintenance work.
Two left lanes closed on the H-1 Freeway in the westbound direction between the Kaneohe/Honolulu offramp (Exit 13B) and the Aiea Heights Drive Overpass on…

Weight loss limbo is hard but you can get past your weight loss plateau by following a few simple steps.

The United Methodist Council of Bishops will move its 2018 May meeting from Manila, Philippines, for security reasons.

Larry Buxton says an effective sermon speaks to people’s real needs, challenges them, shares Jesus, and proclaims that God is at work in our lives.

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Friday, January 1, 2011
Guest Writer for this Unit: Mark Jefferson. Mark is a first-year PhD student at Emory University in Atlanta, GA
The unit you are viewing, Emancipation Proclamation Day and Juneteenth, is a compact unit. This means that it does not have a supporting cultural resource unit and worship unit. Instead, to enliven the imagination of preachers and teachers, we have provided scriptural text(s)…

Expressing its deep disappointment at US withdrawal from the 2015 Paris Agreement the WCC has urged renewed commitment by churches and praised local communities and governments for their reaffirmation of climate commitments.

During the temperance movement, there was an argument that somehow the wine in the Gospels was miraculously non-alcoholic, but is there evidence in the biblical text to support that argument?

If you have ever wondered what the key to successful weight loss is, you are not alone. Many people have tried lots of different approaches that may lead to some weight loss but for most, that is not sustained. Weight loss is a hard puzzle to crack. And maintaining that weight loss is even more challenging. But…

Following an open editorial by a range of faith leaders and partners published on 22 May, the World Council of Churches now shares a video message of faith l...

There is an incredible variety when it comes to bees and wasps here in Hawaii. Only a handful of them are common pests for residents and business owners.

Connectional Table allots more funding and sets date for an offering to support United Methodist ministries with today’s migrants.

The United Methodist Church is filled with deeply spiritual people like John Wesley. Here are the stories of six other Methodists that you can use in your next lesson.

Ben Ingebretson offers six practical ways you can air out your church by taking your ministry into public spaces.