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I quite often report on faith schooling and its effect on the education system in the UK. We have a non-separation-of-church-and-state situation in a country that is far less religious than, say, the States. Faith schools are often seen as better schools in terms of discipline and attainment, but as I have written

A Portland woman took to Instagram to apologize for her racist rant after it went viral last week. Sierra Dawn Measelles hopes to use the experience to help others from using racist language.

Many people tend to underestimate the complexity of Medicare and all the available options.

Millennials are cautious investors because of witnessing big market crashes early in their lives, but it's leading them to miss out on long-term stock market gains.

One of Chip and Joanna's renovation superpowers? Filling the walls of every 'Fixer Upper' home with unique wall art. Get inspired by their best ideas to fill those blank walls.

Create your own Cast Shadows-inspired artwork to add dramatic flair to your space.

Just when we thought there was nothing left on the table in China’s crowded digital commerce space, Pinduoduo has swept in and found a whole new audience.

The Newton County School System and the Newton County Chamber of Commerce are pleased to announce the 2018-2019 school level teachers of the year. These teachers will now participate in the county program with the winner serving as the Newton County School System's 2019 Teacher of the Year
Over the summer, each of the nominees worked on the district Teacher of the Year essay packet, which…

Should life insurance be part of your retirement plan? Can the Rich Person Roth provide you with more tax free income in retirement? Who is the tax planning strategy right for? And who should not take advantage of the benefits of cash value life insurance.

Greek Islands belong to the most popular holiday destinations. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit them every year. One of Greek…

Pricing right in new markerts can be a huge challenge. Price too low and you’re leaving money on the table; too high and you’re missing out on sales.