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White House Chief of Staff John Kelly did an interview a few days ago filled with racist comments about immigrants — the Latino ones, of course, not the white ones — and guess who is predictably cheering him on? White supremacists, of course. Following White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s disparaging comments against undocumented …

The mindless sycophants at Fox News are busy trying to find every excuse and rationalization imaginable for Trump and the Russian interference in the election, but this one may take the cake. One Fox host says that the infamous Trump Tower meeting with Trump, Jr., Manafort and Kushner was really set up by Hillary Clinton …

Summer Camps at EC!
Explore, play, discover, and grow! Whether your child is interested in sports, zip lines, or arts and crafts, we are excited to offer camps with a wide variety of activities. Check out all the fun things that are happening when school’s out!
Summer American Experience Host Family Opportunity
Select from a range of dates to share the love of Christ and participate in a global experience in your own home!
New to hosting? Apply at easternchristian.org/host

With the flowing beauty of the welded steel frame covered in an aged bronze color powder coat finish supporting a rich medium brown wood finished table top accented by a high gloss polyurethane faux marble inset, the "Hopstand" dining collection flawlessly captures the artistic feel of inviting contemporary style.

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Industry experts answer the question: In what ways are manufacturers preparing for 5G...

'Scientists seem to think the conservation of angular momentum is what makes the world go ‘round while others mistakenly credit the sun. Sadly, both theories are wrong because it’s clearly the bagel. Bite into a bevy of deliciousness and sip stellar blends with this deal at Manhattan Bagel, good for $20 worth of fresh bagels, bagel sandwiches, coffee and espresso for $10. New York knows not only about how to make an amazing pizza, but has perfected the bagel making process too. Manhattan…

Supplier relationships are highly dependent on the procure-to-pay (P2P) architecture that you have in place. Efficient P2P processes can build and improve your supplier relationships.

From well-crafted ales to a refreshing lager and fruit beers to an Oktoberfest, if you're looking for a new brew for your summer gatherings, give one of these bottles a taste.

Working with fashion bloggers can be tricky. With hundreds of brands online and offline vying for their attention, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd (especially when you're locally focused).Typical sponsored links, banner ads, and product mentions are overdone. These types of promotions provide less ROI for retailers because customers recognize these old-school ads and have learned to tune them out.But 55% of people trust bloggers, compared to just 47% people who trust traditional a...

What routes do the Manchester 10k and new half-marathon take? What time do they start and which roads will be closed? Will the event be cancelled? Everything you need to know