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What has come to pass as “conventional/popular Christianity” — isn’t what Christianity is actually about. It’s time for progressive Christianity. Friends, Jesus isn’t God. Jesus didn’t die for our sins. Jesus wasn’t killed instead of us. God isn’t wrathful or vindictive. There isn’t a hell (other than ones that we create here on this earth). …

Jordan Peterson has now expressed with feigned exasperation how totally unfair it is for anyone to believe that when he suggested “enforced monogamy” as a solution to the incel “problem” he meant enforced by the government. He says he only meant enforced by social pressure. David Ley, who is also a clinical psychologist, points out …

Today, the NFL announced that NFL teams will be fined if their players kneel for the National Anthem. It got me thinking about the way the National Anthem has become the most important religious ceremony in our culture. It’s definitely more important than communion. How many churchgoers this fall will start checking their watches during …

See what else we'll have at InfoComm at www.milestone.com/en/about_us/news_and_events/newsroom/blogs/legrand_av_brands_unite_at_infocomm_2018

Manufacturing companies that operate their Procure-to-Pay (P2P) processes so that supplier relationships are collaborative, data-driven, strategic alliances improve client quote generation.

New Jersey passed a pay equity law that’s among the most comprehensive in the nation. New Jersey employers need to protect themselves from potential discrimination claims. Here’s what you need to know now.

The public has spoken. If you want fair treatment in your company it’s time to get out your megaphone. If your company’s internal policies don’t jibe with the outside, conscious, court-of-public-opinion, they may be in for a wild, expensive ride. In that light, Uber did something remarkable this week. Due to what seems like a year’s worth of bad ... Read More

Founders Brewing Co. is pleased to present to you Founders Fest 2018 :: A Celebration of Beer and Music. In its 11th year, Founders Fest continues to marry the finest beer with the tastiest artists from around the country, and the world. Below you will find all the details regarding the event including the artist...

The "Alzena-Gunsmoke" upholstery collection features a heavyweight faux leather upholstery fabric stylishly adorned with jumbo stitched details that offers all the beauty and character of leather in a durable yet breathable fabric which stylishly covers the plush divided back and thick padded arms to create the ultimate living room collection.

Pass through the wrought iron gates into our recently expanded visitor center. Take a guided or self-guided tour or of the brewery to learn about our brewing process and sample our lineup of beers or join fellow craft beer lovers in our Tap Room for a fresh pint at the bar. As the original craft brewer in Louisiana, we’re proud to share our culture on tap. Laissez les bons temps rouler
Tap Room
Sun-Thurs: 10am-7pm
Guided Tours
Learn about our brewing process, beer,…

Smoking and other tobacco use can cause oral health problems like gum disease and tooth decay. Get the facts from WebMD.

Of course, you’d never fire someone for taking FMLA leave. But perhaps the termination had been in the works long before the person took FMLA leave. It’s still a sticky situation, but a…